Benin Rape Saga: Brasil Based Artist Calls for Action

Raheem Akingbolu

As Nigerians continue to mourn and codemn the rape and murder of Miss. Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, inside a church in Benin City, a Brasil based Nigerian upcoming Artist, Ajakaiye DAVISKIL, has called on relevant authorities, especially Police to unravel the circumstance that led to the death of the young under graduate.

To this end, he promised to use his music to raise awareness against various sexual abuses in Nigerian.

“I’m particularly saddened with the #JusticeForUwa# rape case because that happened in my own state, Edo. As a Kukuruku boy, I frown at that completely. We are tired of twitter trends let’s take it to the streets,”

DAVISKIL, an independent Artist with a Rap/Afro-pop sound, also condemned the lip service Nigerians are paying to issues related to rape and other sexual offenses.

Daviskil, who was in Lagos recently to launch an advocacy group -Music Against Rape (MAR), said he was touched to champion the campaign against rape and rapists because he understood very well the emotional and psychological trauma that often come with rape and not happy that Nigerians and even the government have always condemned it without stern action.

“Yes, I had my early years in Nigeria but my sojourn abroad over the years as a student and Artist has brought me face to face with issues related to sex abuse, especially rape and I know many advance countries don’t joke with it because of the emotional and psychological trauma attached to it. But here, what do we see?

“ We hear and see cases of rape sweep under the carpet, we see rapist escaping justice and we see the victims suffering in silence. Perhaps one thing we are good at is to go on social media to make noise without follow up. While the story is trending in Nigeria, the perpetrators are escaping justice.

“This must end and it must end. As an Artist, I have decided to use my God given talents to create awareness and call on both the leaders and the lead on the evil of keeping silent while the crime is being committed daily against women and school girls,”

Born and bred in Kukuruku hills of Edo as David Ajakaiye, the Artist first cut his teeth in music and acting at the church as chorister. Today, he’s known for infusing raps and stage actions into his music with blend of gospel messages which often attract churches to invite him for stage acts and performances.

Speaking on how he started venturing into music, Daviskil said growing up, he confessed his love for music to his mother and uncle (Edi Lawani) who both received the message with a pinch of salt.

“I told my mother and my uncle, Edi Lawani that I could make something out of Music but they didn’t take me serious, even though they were always proud of me anytime I come out on stage in the church to perform. Perhaps they thought it would extend beyond the four walls of the church. But their belief changed when at age 16 I saved up to pay for what will ultimately become my first single -Ogogoro, where I featured a friend artist Eyesmade,”

According to DAVISKIL, before the age of 17, he had aired his single on Independent radio in Benin city before migrated to Brasil with his family and continued to further his education.

It was in Brasil that he met Mr Augusto N. (WyssBrasil), a young entrepreneur who showed interest in DAVISKIL’s talent. WyssBrasil signed him to a Recording/Production agreement and they began making good music. In 2016, Daviskil signed his first distribution deal with Kondzilla.

Aside Nigeria where he usually comes to perform, DAVISKIL has performed in other countries including India and United State of America. He is currently a third-year undergraduate at a São Paulo University, Brasil. On his plan for the future, he said: “For now, I’m committed to finishing my studies, while at the same time pursuing my passion in music independently with my own label, Kukuruku Entertainment, where I have released song like ‘kilamity for me and slowly’. Finally, I want to explore Nigeria and use my music to fight injustice.”

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