LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

At first, I thought it was just the usual social media banter that this gentleman, former boyfriend of the new wife of our Custom Oga was asking to be refunded the sum of N9m being amount spent on gifts and the rest.

Then I saw in one of the reports a letter allegedly written by his Lawyers and I stood up. At face value, you would want to just brush this young man aside and laugh but my people this thing can pain o. Let me tell you my own. That is how when I was still working in BGL and had stupid money, I bought Car for one young damsel o. – Please nobody should show Duchess this paper o, I have already told her that Thisday is not selling this weekend that the Editor is on leave- mbok after six months of buying the car, tear rubber o, the beautiful igbo girl say she no do again. I nearly die. The Car was in her name but that was not the point sef, me I don love am die. Infact those days, if I no hear from am first thing in the morning I don rush to her house go see if she get pimples or if the pimples dey give am headache. Such was my love.

So when she dropped the bomb, I was devastated to say the least. Well, what can I do, I try to pick up the pieces of my life and go back home. That is how one day on third mainland bridge I see my baby in the Car I buy for her and na one mumu boy dey drive the car. I weak. My cousin Nelson was driving, he said, bro lets jam the car. Let’s finish the car. I say no calm down. I am a man of peace. Wait o, gist is coming.

That is how the girl see us and wave me. I wave her back. The next thing that mumu, wey know know how the Car come about come dey vex. He started abusing the girl that who was that. They parked and she was pleading and begging. As we got closer, I heard her say he is our Usher in Church. Kai, me, my Car. My brother Nelson say we should come out and beat the boy. Imagine. I say lets just go, let me carry my sorrow. It is not his fault, na me be the mumu. So you see why I understand perfectly where this man is going to with this.

We are watching to see the outcome because this is a landmark case. If the guy win, then he would have saved millions of men like me from the tyranny of these mercantilist women. However, just as I was going to press, I saw anther report purportedly from the young man saying that he did not authorize the publication of the said letter. Worefer.

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