What’s With Kano Isolation Centre?

What’s With Kano Isolation Centre?

Last week, a video of an empty place said to be Kano’s isolation centre trended and went viral. The fellow, who made and posted the video, had insinuated that the claim by the state government that it had about 600,000 people at the centre was not just a ruse, but also an attempt to make money from the federal government.

Recall that the Kano State Government had many weeks ago requested for the sum of N15billion to tackle the challenge posed by Covid-19. Although the federal government ignored him, because he was believed to be playing to the gallery since the federal government had then just given N10 billion to the Lagos State government for rising on time to the Covid-19 challenge.

Not long after this, the state started to record strange deaths and in a week, had over 600 from an illness no one had deciphered. Days after, the federal government announced that the deaths were Covid-19 related, a development that triggered many other deaths of prominent people. Following this, also, was a real battle against Covid-19.

This was why the video showing an empty isolation centre allegedly situated at the Sani Abacha Stadium, was of huge interest to an average Nigerian. Although there has not been any official statement to that effect, it is important someone speaks up before the insinuation that Covid-19 was not real takes another life of its own. While it is true that nothing could be put past Governor Abdulahi Ganduje of Kano, silence is certainly not golden in this circumstance.

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