Asiwaju Bola Tinubu – You Owe Me


with Joseph Edgar

This is the kind of work we used to call ‘Afamaco’ in Shomolu those days. That is work ‘dem no send you’. That is how I went to go and conduct opinion poll on Whats App asking a simple question – would you consider a Tinubu Presidency – mbok the question demanded a simple ‘Yes or No’ answer. Come and see the abuse. Sir, as I am talking to you, I need some sort of therapy. The abuse was too much o. Nobody said yes or no o. All sorts of names were thrown at me o. See me o, researcher wey I be. Edgar you are a thief, Edgar they have bribed you, Edgar you have sold out, Edgar this is a shame. You of all people? These are the little ones that I can say in a responsible medium like this o. One woman actually called me ‘okobo’. When I saw that one, I quickly held tight my something before they come for it o. Abi, what is a Calabar man without his manhood? My dear Oga, all those insults I received cannot be for nothing o. It went on for the better part of the day. I now sent out a broadcast that the opinion poll was over o, that I will not do it again. Did they listen? Na lie, the abuse came in torrents o. I had to switch off my phone and go and drink Vitamin C before these people come and give me Covid. After everything had calmed down, I began to ask myself what happened. The sad thing is that people who are from daddy’s stronghold were in the forefront of the attack. They were violently opposed to any kind of Asiwaju ascendency. My position was that we should be looking for a bridge builder that would earn the trust of those who have power now but with a clear understanding of what needs to be done and then gradually move power to those with genuine intentions but no capacity to wrest control. Mbok, that is what now led to all that abuse. Daddy, this thing is not looking like it will be simple o. kai.