Shade Okoya Tinkles at 43

Shade, wife of billionaire businessman, Razaq Okoya clocked 43 last Monday. The day was celebrated quietly at home in Lagos with an intimate dinner with her husband, kids and close family members. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Billionaire businessman, Chief Rasaq Okoya’s elegant wife, Shade clocked 43 last Monday and celebrated the special day in splendid style with loved ones. As a matter of fact, the high society lady would have loved to celebrate her birthday in grand style with the high and mighty in the country but for the global pandemic that has led to a lockdown order by the government. She however held an intimate get-together with her husband and family in their living room, which features a mini-bowling alley.

The sizzling, brilliant and hardworking woman was all joy and thankful to Almighty Allah who made her to witness yet another glorious year. She posted a video on Instagram, shortly before the celebration, with the caption. “Happy birthday! #ShadeOkoya.” Expressing her feelings, the fashion icon and MD, CEO of Eleganza Group, a leading conglomerate in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria, spared no words on her high emotions at the close-knit event, noting that she had a great time marking the special day with her family, notwithstanding COVID-19.

The mother of four beautiful children said she felt so blessed and grateful to have spent that special day of her life with the family. The loving wife of the billionaire industrialist and the Aare of Lagos, Okoya shared colourful pictures and videos of her birthday celebration on her Instagram page with another caption: “Throwback to my 43rd birthday dinner.

With the ‘new normal’ we may not be able to gather together for special occasions, however, I was incredibly thankful and blessed to spend my 43rd birthday with my family.

We ended the evening bowling. We had so much fun we didn’t finish until 3:30am! #ShadeOkoya.”

In one of the videos, the lady of substance could be seen bowling in their magnificent home as other members of the family joyously surround her. Her face lit up with a smile… Though the event was not with the razzmatazz of her past celebrations, Shade posted stunning pictures of her and her husband in front of her beautifully designed birthday cake, attesting to the mood the occasion conjures and the feeling that there could be absolute beauty in simplicity, added to her birthday menu which offered assortments of food.

Shade had lately revealed she spent most of her time meditating while in lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak. In one of her recent posts, she shared a video of her luxury air-conditioned restroom where according to her, she spends most of her time reflecting, with a caption: “During this period of self-isolation, I have been spending most of my time in my bathroom reflecting on all the lessons I have learnt from this experience,” she wrote. For those who don’t know, Shade Okoya graduated from the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

At 43, she still wears a comely and fragile look that makes it difficult to remove 22 years from her age, and not picture the slim-framed lady, who married Chief Akanni Rasaq Okoya two decades ago. From when they met till now it, has been love all the way and these moments. For many who have been familiar with the Lagos socialite scene, the Okoyas are not a stranger. To those who remember her from her time as a young wife, it is almost hard to believe that it has been over 20 years.

Folashade’s husband is well known in the Nigerian business circle as one of Nigeria’s foremost business men, who has established a business empire that is certain to outlive generations. 80 year old Razaq is the owner and founder of Eleganza group of companies, with a market spanning Western Africa. Mrs. Okoya is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

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