FC Bulmaro Resolve to Changing Players’ Lives

A top officials of FC Bulmaro, the elite and the youngest club in the Nigerian League One, Ms. Ekanem Wushishi, has said nothing was too much to do in order to get the medical structures of the Nigerian sports sector right, bearing in mind that recently, a few of our footballers have lost their lives on the pitch, saying if things were done the right way, a lot of careers would be saved.

While acknowledging the contributions of sports medicine to the advancement of the sector, the career givers should be highly appreciated and commended by ensuring that they have the necessary equipment of world class standard to work with, and their working environment is sustainable to what is obtained in other parts of the world.

“The times are challenging all over the world induced by pandemic, demanding innovativeness, creativity and possibilities, to profer solution to the current health challenge which is ravaging every area of human concerns across the globe. This is the time to think the future, by putting good and standard health facilities and structures in place. We should not wait until the world is faced with another crisis. That is why we must do everything to keep safe and stay healthy and always ready,” she stressed.

In his reaction, Leslie Oghomienor, promoter of the young club, stated that the entire humanity could be fully and well uplifted if those in the position of leadership took full responsibility for the effectiveness of their call to service, and selflessly serve bearing in mind that history and posterity would surely mark their milestones.

He stated further that the club was founded with the sole aim to selflessly provide a variable platform not only for the participants of the Elite 96 Scholarship project of the Barca Academy Nigeria, but to offer a platform to young talents to have the opportunity to freely trade their given skills and talents both locally and internationally. For us this brings an endurable joy to us.

“We believe that humanity will evolve much faster by giving service, by helping each other. Thus, changing lives is our bond and strength. This we must strive to sustain.

To acheive the desire goals every stakeholder is important. In our own way we celebrate with all the health professionals working with us and others across the world. Stay safe so that we can play and win together when the fields are open,” he explained.

He added that for the Nigerian football sector to be able to be at par with the other football associations, clubs and administrators in the world, we must look beyond the fields and the games, and think about the health and the future of our sports men and women.

“The times, is a clarion call for those in authority to engage selfless men that have creative force, vision, and can visualise and build for the future as well as the present. You see what happens when our team – Nigeria wins, shows that to truly evolve together harmoniously is joy enough for all. It is clear that with determination and will, we can together actualise the possibilities and stand very tall among competitors. For FC Bulmaro as a veritable platform that is our dream,” Oghomienor emphasised.

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