Three COVID-19 Team Workers Test Positive in Ondo

Oluwarotimi Akeredolu

James Sowole in Akure

Three of the workers in the COVID-19 team in Ondo State have tested positive of the virus.

The infected workers are the driver and two casual workers attached to the team.

The Ondo State Governor, Mr Oluwatotimi Akeredolu, disclosed the situation of the three men during a briefing on the COVID-19 state in the state.

Thirteen persons had so far tested positive of the coronavirus in the state out of over 244 tested by the state.

Of the 13 infected persons, three had been discharged after treatment at the state Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH) while 10 others are undergoing treatment.

The governor said the infected driver was the one responsible for taking samples to testing centres while the two other persons were working at the IDH.

In recognition of the contributions of the affected casual workers to the fight against the disease, Akeredolu ordered the immediate employment of the two infected persons and be incorporated into register of state workers.

The governor also approved incentives for health workers who he said were in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.

According to him, “I have also approved that all health workers in the state be paid 50 of their consolidated basic salary as hazard allowance.

“Furthermore, all healthcare workers working directly in the Isolation Centre/Treatment Centre are to get additional 20 percent of their 50 percent as special risk allowance, and they will also get a top-up lump sum from the funds of the PTF (amount yet to be determined).”

While admonishing the people of the state to abide by all safety and precautionary measures, Akeredolu said failure to wear face masks in public places now constitutes an offence in the state.

He said: “Already, the regulation on compulsory use of face mask has commenced. The government has embarked on mass production and free distribution of same to the people.

“We note the increasing compliance to the use of face mask, as we direct the full enforcement of the face mask use regulation. In order words, law enforcement agencies and our task force have been directed to arrest anyone caught not wearing properly the face mask while in public places.”

While stating that the state is aware on movement of Almajiris from the northern parts if the country, Akeredolu urged the people to be vigilant and inform authorities of the influx of strangers, particularly, young people into the state.