Lekki Gardens Estate and Care for Neighbours


Richard Nyong

The COVID-19 outbreak is predicted to have significant impacts on various segments of our society. The populations most at risk are those that depend heavily on the informal economy; have inadequate access to social services; and have limited opportunities to cope.

By understanding these issues, the business community and persons of means can better support vulnerable populations in an emergency period like this.

In the face of the well-advised government lockdown which has necessitated businesses to close to help prevent transmission of COVID-19, there are also financial concerns and job losses with its attendant human impacts

Not knowing how this pandemic will play out also affects our economic, physical and mental well-being.

Despite the fear of not knowing how this pandemic will play out, businesses and communities across the country have shown remarkable compassionate responses in the face of this crisis.

We may not immediately estimate the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on segments of the society across the country but the closure of businesses across all sectors heavily impact SMEs which in turn, affects many people, especially the least earning segments and those working in informal sectors.

The Federal various state Governments have announced, and are implementing palliative measures to support the vulnerable segments of the populace.

It is therefore important for businesses to continue to show solidarity and work together to protect staff, local communities and customers.

Actions and messages about what businesses are doing for their employees and in their communities are equally important.
There is a World Health Organisation (WHO) advisory for the business community to move from general support to specific actions.

Given that we are all in this together our organization is also standing together with the Government to ensure that we will leave no-one behind.

As a diversified Property Development Company, with foot-prints across the country we have built a reputation for quality homes and have a unique corporate culture which reinforces our continued passion to offering superior service to our customers.

Our foundational principle is premised on the essentials for living a fulfilled life – better living; more wealth; and a secure future.

But we also recognise that true wealth lies not in the pocket but in the heart, which explains why we have consistently been part of our communities, being our neighbours’ keeper, since we began business eight years ago.

Consistent with our DNA we activated our robust contribution and response to provide the much needed support to over 1000 families in communities where some of our estates are located in parts of Lagos State, by supplying them essential food materials.

At an average of four persons per household we are actually supporting and touching the lives of over 4000 persons across the communities in this our modest intervention. So whatever it will take for us, within our means, to touch lives at this period, we shall do.

No gain saying that many Nigerians are hungry, and hopeless. There is a strong feeling of abandonment, and frustration, driving some into anti-social and criminal activities. The unusual times therefore provide an opportunity to give succour to the masses in our communities and create connect as a neighbour.

By coming together as a people to play our parts, especially as we continue to see increasing number of reported corona virus cases across the land, our positive actions will in no small measure help to stem the spread of this pandemic.

But our collective responsibility to ourselves and to one another does not end with the support to the needy. We have come to accept that the pandemic has also affected the way we live our lives. We therefore encourage all of us to continuously adhere to the safety precautions and restrictions put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

As we re-commit to our vision of being continually connected with our host communities, while striving to bridge the housing deficit gap in the country, we also urge all to take responsibility: stay at home, regularly wash your hands with soap, observe social distancing, use a sanitizer, and a face mask. Assist your neighbours in every way possible. If we all play our parts, we can assist Government and socially responsible companies such as ours to stop the spread of COVID – 19.

Lekki Gardens was incorporated in January 2012 as a wholly indigenous real estate firm with a clear vision to bridge the 17 million housing deficit gap in Nigeria, moving swiftly from humble beginnings to become the market leader in the provision of super affordable homes while providing exceptional facility management services for same.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing some of the best real estate in Nigeria. We have till date embarked on numerous luxury projects and have an impressive property portfolio all of which are located in Lagos, Ogun, Rivers and The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria. Our serviced properties are positioned as quality affordable home units with strong value increase potential to the average income earners.

As that great Negro sage said “We shall overcome.” Together, we shall overcome this pandemic and return to normal times.

Nyong is the Managing Director/CEO of
Lekki Gardens Estate