Legit9ja Recounts How Her Recently Launched Mobile App Guides Platform’s Content


As the world continues to grapple with the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus, effects of the global pandemic on entertainment and media businesses have been of mixed experiences for key players in the industry.

Across different countries, demand for content in form of news, music streaming, live video and multi-player format is on the increase like never seen before in modern history as people have more time on their hands with many societies experiencing partial or total lockdowns.

Here in Nigeria, media businesses are suddenly tasked with reinventing new strategies to engage their audiences, while ensuring they do not lose the core values of their inhouse reporting styles. One of such media business owners is Newton Arunaye, An entrepreneur and the CEO of Legit9ja, a platform which describes itself as an online hub with a deep passion and curiosity for Entertainment, youth lifestyle, and pop culture.

The Engineering graduate of the Federal University of Petroleum is a maverick in the media sector who found his purpose in the entertainment business in his early teens. As a seasoned promoter and talent manager who has worked with some of the biggest names in the South South music industry such as Victor AD, Erigga, Graham D and newcomers including Brenny Jones and Kaptain.

Recently, Legit9ja media platform launched its mobile App in addition to its website in a bid to make information more accessible in a compact user-friendly format for its readers. The app also comes with notifications to inform users of real time updates around the entertainment industry. According to Mr. Arunaye in a recent publication, the Legit9Ja app which is available on both Androids (OS) and Apple (IOS) devices has since helped the platform to connect more seamlessly to its audience, while improving their ability to collate accurate data analytics on their engagement and feedback from users.

As COVID-19 is having a marked impact on media demand, supply, consumption and advertising across the world, the new reality is that content creators are finding new ways to engage differently with their audience just as companies are now having to reexamine their campaign spending and strategy during this time of social distancing.

For example, in a market like Nigeria, the ability and capacity for creators to make new content is at an all-time low, especially for emerging talents who still lack basic skills and tools such as home studios to create on their own. Also, as social distancing has become the new normal, the need for fan engagements have seen more musicians exploring alternatives in user-generated contents like the popular social media challenges on platforms like TikTok and Triller to push their new materials. Brands who realise this new reality are also keying into trends and launching the Legit9Ja App, Arunaye says, has positioned the platform as a connexion for brands to reach core audiences.

He says; “With our content offerings and all new captivating interface, This is a timely launch as advertisers not only experience the front end functionalities of the platform, they can get accurate analytics on the kind of content which interests our audience the most in these unique times, helping them to plan campaigns around our demographic.”

For now, no one is sure when the country wide lockdown as precautionary measures to slow down the spread of COVID 19 will be relaxed. But one thing is sure, how content is created and consumed will never remain the same and only those who evolve, either as a content creator of a media business will be relevant in a post COVID era.