Nigeria’s most significant brand strategist, public speaker and thought lead, Charles O’Tudor has announced his intentions to host a free webinar through his social emancipation initiative, Brand Arise. The webinar will address the 5R’s that would be critical success factors for business recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and how they would influence personal and corporate brands.

O’Tudor who is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Africa’s premium brand management firm,ADSTRAT Consortium stated that one of the reasons he is hosting the webinar is because of the dangerous circumstances we have found ourselves. “We are currently in the midst of the most disruptive global crisis seen in decades and there is little doubt that the aftermath of COVID-19 will have life-changing impact on societies, political systems and economies. It will likely be the single-most important catalyst in modern history for changing consumer behavior and attitudes. This is a defining moment for Brands, and how they react and what they do will not only impact short-term survival, but more important, the long-term brand health that is critical to future growth”.

Speaking further, he said he would draw on prior experiences with SARS, the 2008 financial crisis and the current realities in Asia, Europe,Africa ,Nigeria and the US.

“In this webinar, I would discuss what your brand should be thinking about and how to plot a course through this world-redefining period.
My session would be free with an e-book for all but interested participants will have to send an email with little details such as names, phone numbers and email address to to get all the required information to be part of the conference”.

O’Tudor is also the initiator of Charles O’Tudor Brand Master Class (COBMC), a platform he has been using to mentor young brands and budding thought leaders in leadership, entrepreneurship and brand management for the last four years.
The platform has impacted over five hundred entrepreneurs in the last three years.

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