Nnamdi Kanu: Dissecting Mindset of a Self-acclaimed Biafra Leader

Nnamdi Kanu

By Ogbonna Chigozie

That Nnamdi Kanu speaks for the Igbos is a misconception that has been sold across the world for selfish gains. Kanu who claims to speak for the Biafra Agitators, is not only alleged to be corrupt but also believed to be an agent of the western world against the Nigerian government. His sources of income are debatable and also need to be investigated.

Let us face it, right thinking people in the society must by now think that Nnamdi Kanu is the greatest scam ever that needs to show his mental health result to the world.

In all fairness to both the new and traditional media, there is need for more scrutiny to claims and counter claims of Nnamdi Kanu, so it doesn’t brew ethnic violence as his motive portrays.

Once a week, Nnamdi Kanu addresses his misled followers via Radio Biafra. This followers reside in many countries across the world and they believe whatever he says.

Like the story of Jim Jones, his followers believed him even when it was obvious to most people across the world that most of his claims were cooked to suit the purpose of pitching the people against the government. Nnamdi Kanu is exhibiting same traits and his followers are also under the illusion that they have a leader.

While some might think this is an ethnic or religious rant, it is in fact the reality.

He has often times claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari is the Jubril of Sudan in one breath and that he is addressing Nigeria from Cuba in another.

Kanu says things that negate reality and common sense. This week, he claimed the Vice President tested positive for coronavirus, even when the VP was televised holding a meeting as chairman of Economic Sustainability Committee.

But this sheered sentiment is also displayed in the international scene, laundering the image of Igbos across the globe.

Just recently, Nnamdi Kanu claimed Bill and Melinda Gates were trying to kill Africans by providing coronavirus vaccine. The shenanigan of Kanu is really causing us alot. As if that is not enough, he also made wild accusations against Abba Kyari and many others in the Nigerian government.

An evaluation of Kanu’s state of mind will show frightening results but even more worrisome would be that of those who believe him.

These people can be likened to those who believed Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles the founders of Heaven’s Gate. It always ends in doom.

But Kanu does not possess the monopoly of destructive critcism. There are those in the media who propagate his theory of setting war through the media and cashing in from unsuspecting public who are financial donors to his deceptive illogical reasonings.

These are those carried away by his falsehood, thinking he is the messiah. It’s time they read up people like Jim Jones, the Nettles and others like them who Kanu’s ideology is based.

Nnamdi Kanu isn’t speaking for Biafra, but for his personal enrichment.

*Ogbonna Chigozie is a social commentator, human relations expert and the Secretary General of Igbo-United in the United Kingdom.