Child Rights Advocate Challenges Nigerian Children on Lockdown Experience


By Sunday Okobi

Child Rights advocate and Little Miss Nigeria International, Queen Toluwanimi Omole, has called on all Nigerian children to share their COVID-19 lockdown experience.

The call was made in a minute video shared on her social media-Instagram, Facebook and twitter pages.

In the one minute video titled: #SharewithQueenTolu, Toluwanimi challenged social media users to make a short video of their kids, sharing their lockdown experiences; how they are utilising it, and what new knowledge they are acquiring to prepare themselves for the post COVID-19 world.

While sharing the intent of making the challenge, she said:”The purpose is to ensure that Nigerian children also have adequate knowledge of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the challenge, they will be moved to study and make more findings about the disease, which will definitely improve their knowledge base on the virus, as well as help them stay safe, and possibly educate others about it.

“Also, the #ShareWithQueenTolu challenge provides the opportunity for children to share ideas of coping strategies adopted during the lockdown. This may be in form of indoor games, educational programmes, favourite movies, tips on how to keep fit through physical exercises and cooking experience.”

“It is also an opportunity for children to connect and have fun with other children at this time, despite the lockdown.

“And very importantly, it is to create a platform where children’s voices would be heard at this time.”

Toluawanimi has been an active advocate for the protection of child rights and the improvement of the wellbeing of the average Nigerian children. Recently, she was honoured with an award for a consistent child advocacy through her weekly programme titled: ‘Child Rights Corner’.