FBNQuest Advises Investors on Investment Opportunities


Goddy Egene

FBNQuest Asset Management, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings, is offering investors guidance on investing opportunities considering the impact of the COVID-19 on financial markets. The firm seeks to serve as a partner that helps investors achieve their goals in a time of heightened uncertainty in the financial markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the impact of a price war between leading oil producers on the price of crude oil in the international market. Oil exporters like Nigeria have not been excluded from the economic impact of a drop in oil revenues, which has sparked volatility in the prices of other assets.

But the Managing Director of FBNQuest Asset Management, Mr. Ike Onyia said uncertainty should motivate investors think more carefully about their investment objectives.

“These are critical times, as the volatility in local and global markets tends to unsettle many investors. We are of the view that the uncertainty should motivate investors to think more carefully about their objectives and not make hasty decisions. Through this BeyondToday campaign, we seek to show our clients that we are here to help them keep an eye on the big picture – their goals – and work with them to achieve those goals,” Onyia said.

According to him, the campaign highlights the skills and products offered by the fund manager to investors with diverse investment objectives. It showcases six mutual funds designed to cater to the unique investment profiles and objectives of both individuals and corporates in the Nigerian market. In such uncertain times, investors elect to hold cash or near-cash assets while they assess the outlook for other asset classes. The FBN Money Market Fund is a viable product for those seeking to preserve the value of their investments.