David Wealth Ezuzu Shares on Overcoming Challenges as a Young Entrepreneur

David Wealth Ezuzu

Young, vibrant Nigerian tycoon, David Wealth Ezuzu, the CEO/MD of DW-ARERBEN GROUP, a multi-national investment hub has shared his success story, as well as challenges as a young entrepreneur.

According to the 35 year old, indigene of Isoko North LGA of Delta State he tries as much as possible to stay afloat, determined despite his early days encounter as a green horn.

“As a successful tycoon, my major early challenges while starting up was getting people to believe in my brand when there were no tangible results to show as yet.
However, challenges are meant to be surmounted, that has been my mindset. Every challenge always come to pass away, and they make you stronger, firmer and open your eyes to new possibilities. What motivated me to continue in the business despite the challenges, were the testimonies from the clients who have benefited from our services. That is one of my driving forces, it gets me on my feet. I look up to the likes of Pastor Dr Kirkland Kathy, based in Texas USA,” he said.

Ezuzu also highlighted the measures he expects the government to tackle in order to effectively help young entrepreneurs.
He listed the three things he wants the government to do to make the environment friendlier for small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

“Firstly, organize more empowerment programs to empower and equip the young people. Secondly, provide the necessary financing to get them started and create an enabling business environment and right policies for these young one to grow,” he said.

Throwing more lights on his background and his kind of person, he added, “I grew up from a Christian background and it shaped me into what I am today; calm, self motivated and self inspired person. I’m a goal getter and I don’t easily give up on things or people. I am the first of a family of four, my mum is retired while my Dad is Late. I schooled at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, I studied Electronics Engineering. I was inspired to go into business due to the intense hunger to touch lives and this year, 2020, I plan to influence and impact the lives of 1 million people.”

Passing needful advice to young entrepreneurs who aim at becoming successful in their respective businesses, David Wealth Ezuzu said, ‘If you want to be successful, just as a young lion fixes his eyes on his prey, never take your focus off your dreams as a young person, don’t get distracted. Be determined and never blink. Face your challenges bravely.”