Annjay Returns to the Music Scene

After a short break from the music scene, actress/singer, Annjay has returned with a new song titled, Ije love.

The new song, according to artiste, was inspired by her immediate environment. Talking about coming back to music and her new song she said: “It can never feel strange because music is and will always be a part of me. I have been busy with my businesses and to rebrand the name “Annjay” into a better one; for instance, we have Annjayhair, Annjay Cosmetics and many other products under Annjay.

So, my new song, Ije Love, was inspired by people and what I see around me. It’s a love song sang in both Igbo and English language and set for release this month.”

Asked about the long break, she said: “I was busy setting up businesses, trying to figure out what business and how to go about it. I have no sponsors accept God. I kept the spirit going and didn’t let anything stop me and thankfully God showed up for me. Nothing is easy but it’s always easy for the children of God who believe and trust in him.”

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