Akinaka Lauds Wike’s Proactive Efforts to Protect Rivers Residents

Nyesom Wike

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Abito Global Services, Mr. Richard Akinaka, has commended Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State for his uncompromising commitment to protecting the people of Rivers State from the Coronavirus pandemic.

He particularly singled out his decisive action against a conglomerate like Caverton Helicopters that violated the lockdown for which the pilots have been charged to court and remanded, insisting that no action would be harsh enough for anyone who tried to endanger the people of the state.

Akinaka, a young entrepreneur charged politicians in the state not to play politics with a virus as dangerous as COVID-19 but should rather join hands to ensure that the best was the lot of the state, pointing out that though he had performed well in governance, his handling of the state in this trying times was particularly worthy of commendation.

According to him, though it was not possible for everyone to like the governor, the demonstration of his commitment in locking down the borders of the state while others were still dithering and the personal commitment of monitoring the affairs was commendable.

“He has shown uncommon leadership and has proved over the years that he has the interest of the people at heart. Even before the index case in Rivers State, he locked the borders by air, land and sea and was it not for his vigilance and proactive bold steps, the virus would have been ravaging the state the way it is proliferating in other states. He not only locked down the state but personally supervised to ensure that it was not violated.

“So as a Rivers son, who is proud of his actions, I have to commend him and charge him not to bow to any form of intimidation or pressure since his social contract is with the people of the state. His boldness in taking on highly connected people who feel they are above the law like the pilots of the helicopter that flouted the lockdown calls for every Rivers man to stand with him to continue the good work. “

I am very proud of how he has been handling matters in the state,” he said.

Akinaka said that when compared with his brother governors, only the actions of the Lagos State governor could be likened to what Wike has been doing to proactively shield the state from the pandemic, adding, “Do you know what it means to take on a big company like Caverton? He does not compromise the safety and well-being of the state.”

When added to the strides of the governor on infrastructure development and provision, he concluded that Wike had done well for the state and deserved commendation.