Boss Goody: 5G Network is not a Death Sentence

Goodness Christopher Nnebechukwu

Popular Nigerian Musician, Actor, Content creator, Model, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Goodness Christopher Nnebechukwu popularly known as “Goody” or “Boss Goody” has assured worried Nigerians that 5G network is not a death sentence just like falsely speculated.

According to Boss Goody, “There might be some level of danger associated with a technological breakthrough, but it’s a far cry from the exaggerated claims I read online by some ignorant theorists, who go as far as spreading rumors that 5G network is the cause of COVID19. That’s a fat big lie. I think it is not a death sentence but future of the internet. However, the Federal Government must be cautious about accepting it. There should be proper testing. Nigeria is already lacking behind in so many other technological areas, must we remain there?,” he asked rhetorically.

Born in Jos, Goody, a native of Anambra State, started his Music career officially in 2015 when he released his first official single with visuals titled, “Naija 4 Life”. He didn’t relent, but went out to express his acting skills when he featured along side Zack Orji and Ali Nuhu in a Movie titled, “Mandika’s Glory”, since then he has featured in many more movies.

”I have always known that someday, I would fulfill my dreams of becoming an actor, so last year, 2019, I summoned courage gave it a shot and as they would say, the rest is history. It was not that easy though, interpreting roles but my background in music gave me all the courage I needed.” he stated.

Aside from music and acting, Boss Goody is also an entrepreneur, he is the brain behind one of the best Tea brands in Nigeria GOTEA, NOZIE TEA and also the CEO of Nozie Honey Farm.