As Ex-Osun Guber Candidate, Ademola Adeleke’s Dance Fades Away

Ademola Adeleke

To say that Senator Ademola Adeleke, famously called the “Dancing Senator”, has been missing in action is simply stating the obvious.

The Ede, Osun State -born former member of the Red Chamber was one of the comical figures of the 8th National Assembly.
A bubbly personality who attained political leadership through his dancing skills would go down in history as Nigeria’s most entertaining politician. He shot into prominence following the passing of his elder brother, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, who was the first civilian governor of Osun State.

The younger Adeleke took maximum advantage of the vacuum created by his late brother’s demise when he stepped into his big shoes like a veteran.

But there’s a different approach to his own style of politics. His selling point wasn’t his track record. His magic was in his ability to entertain with his Michael Jackson-like dance steps. And he did dazzle the entire country with his energetic dance steps.

The likeable politician won and he was nicknamed the dancing senator. Barely two years into his first major political adventure, the ‘dancing senator’ gave the governorship of his home state a shot. Maybe that was his albatross, as he learnt the hard way that politics goes beyond dancing; he was taught a bitter lesson.

Since he lost out in the scheme of things politically, it seems the music has stopped playing for the bubbly politician after that failed governorship project. He has since disappeared from the social radar with his dancing shoes.