Endeavor Entrepreneur Appoints CEO into Global Network


Oluchi Chibuzor

Endeavor Entrepreneur, has appointed the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Migo, Ekechi Nwokah into its growing global network. He joined other selected entrepreneurs leading six companies from six countries.

Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organisation leading high-impact entrepreneurship movement and currently operates in nearly 40 growth markets throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America.

Ekechi Nwokah, Migo’s founder and CEO, spent his formative years in Nigeria with passion for computer science. After receiving his PhD in Computer Engineering, he spent over 20 years building distributed software systems and was also a visiting professor at Purdue University in Indiana, USA.

Commenting on the appointment, he pledged to leverage Endeavor’s extensive network globally, saying, “Endeavor will be a significant value add for the company as we expand.”

Formerly known as Mines, Migo is a cloud-based platform that partners with banks, mobile operators, retailers and payment processors in emerging markets to provide credit to underserved consumers.

Companies like banks, telecommunications operators and merchants integrate Migo in their apps and Migo underwrites customers to provide them with a digital account and credit line.

The customers can use this credit line to make purchases from a merchant or withdraw cash without the need for point-of-sale hardware or plastic cards.

Along with Migo, Endeavor Nigeria supports 14 entrepreneurs who lead 9 companies in Nigeria; companies in the Endeavor Nigeria network span various industries, including financial technology, renewable energy, healthcare, film production and distribution, and retail.

Managing Director & CEO of Endeavor in Nigeria, Eloho Gihan-Mbelu, Migo, said: “As the company expands beyond Nigeria, starting with Brazil, which is one of Endeavor’s largest markets, we look forward to supporting Ekechi and his team on their mission to bring retail credit to billions of underserved people all over the world. Ekechi is a dedicated, technical founder and a strong role model for high-impact entrepreneurs in Nigeria.”