COVID –19: STK Biotech Champions Traditional Herbal Supplement to Boost Immune System

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu

Amby Uneze in Owerri

Against the backdrop of the directive by the federal government that the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) develop models for identifying herbal medicines active against COVID-19, the STK Biotech has thrown her weight through her traditional, complimentary, alternative and orthodox medicine (supplement) that can seamlessly be deployed side by side to address chronic diseases.

STK Biotech Limited has the primary focus of impacting on the lives of the populace by translating research findings to products that addresses non communicable diseases as well as infectious and making them affordable available to all.

In a letter addressed to the Director General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Abuja, Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu dated March 17, 2020, the Chief Executive Officer of STK Biotech, Engr. Stanley Ukaga said the firm aims to provide science-based evidence for medically important phyto-products readily and locally sourced from the communities, while at the same time make available training, laboratory production space and expertise for capacity development of researchers based in tertiary and other institutions.

He told the NCDC DG that “we are geared towards producing affordable nature driven supplements developed solely from locally available bio-resources backed up with extensive credible research as well as research publications, having developed and licensed six products as certified by NAFDAC.

“Some of which are of particular interest are: STK Phytoimmune which is indicated as immune support for HIV/AIDS patients on antiretroviral therapies that enhances the increase in CD4 counts and significantly reduces the viremia and cleanses the liver.
“This is evident in the stabilisation of the liver enzyme markers: SGOT, SGPT etc. We do know that the toxic side effects of synthetic antiretroviral therapies are felt at the level of the liver and kidneys.
“Phytoimmune is a great complement to the antiretroviral drugs enhancing and prolonging lives. Its major constituent is naturally extracted beta glucans with immune stimulatory activities.

“Another product is STK Hepatozone and STK Boosters that are antiviral and immune boosting nutraceuticals extracted organically from locally consumed mushrooms and vegetables.

“They are good support for management of hepatitis and other viral infections such as viral hemorrhagic fevers, respectively.”

Ukaga pointed out that the letter to the NCDC DG indicated “offering our assistance both in terms of products and our research head, Prof Kenneth Yongabi to assist in treating the patients infected with this Covid-19.

“We do not claim to have any cure but we do know that if people’s immune systems are boosted that their bodies are then better equipped to fight off any infection.

“Also if they do fall ill and are infected that our supplements especially the Phytoimmune has shown great promise in managing the patients back to full health especially in early detection and treatment”, he stated.

Earlier this year, the DG, NIPRD, Abuja, Dr. Obi Adigwe visited STK Biotech facility at Umualum, Uratta in Oweeri, Imo State capital where he expressed federal government’s interest in promoting and improving herbal medicine for the cure of ailments, even as the Institute commended the management of STK Biotech Limited for producing world-class standard herbal supplement from plants for the treatment of diseases.
Adigwe, who made the observation during a facility tour stated that the research for the production of the medicines met international standard more especially as the company sourced their raw materials locally and within the nearby West African sub-region.