Timothy Ozovehe: Digital Media Providing New, Easier Ways Of Doing Things

Timothy Ozovehe

Digital Media expert, Timothy Ozovehe, has been an enthusiasts for anything that helps him connect with people at any given time. The young man who studied urban and regional planning from the University of Lagos eventually ignited his passion for digital media influencing and blogging during his early days in the University, when he created his blog in 2012.

Speaking on how he forayed into the now novel profession; the astute business man said; “It started for me in 2011 when I gained admission into the University of Lagos. Before then, I have always had flair for connecting with people online, and Facebook was the in thing then. As at that time, there won’t be a day you won’t find me on Facebook. So when I gained admission, I decided to create a Facebook page that would guide prospective students of UNILAG on what they needed to know, for them to gain admission into the school. I started the page and people loved the information I was sharing; that was how blogging started for me from Facebook. I later created a blog on Word press in 2012 and here we are today.‘’

On why he chose the profession, he noted; “It’s simple; apart from the fact that I love to get knowledge and know how things work, I also desired to share them. So in a nutshell, I love to acquire information and also share this information across to people in order to get them informed. Blogging is all about dishing out information in your own unique voice. Digital media influencing has to do with the management of your audience on digital media, leading them to achieve a specific result for a brand.”

Speaking further, he explained why digital media influencing seems to be taking over the globe.
“Apart from the influence of technology that made devices easily accessible, people are looking for easier ways to do things, easier ways to reach out to people, to reach out to customers. Politicians are looking for easier ways to reach out to the general populace and most of these people are all on digital mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As a brand, to reach your audience sometimes, you have to use the creators and popular figures on these platforms to help tell their own followers about you and that’s what we call influencing. The key thing to take home is people are simply looking for easier way of doing things now and digital media seems to provide that leverage right now and that’s why it’s taking over already.”

Despite the challenges, he noted that digital media influencing and blogging are professions he can’t do without. “Not at all, I love digital media influencing and blogging. I can’t think of any other profession because it aligned with my kind of personality. I love to share and get responses from people.”

Recalling the sacrifices he had to make for his passion; he said; “I can remember in school I have to save up my feeding allowance to get my first ever laptop and most times I go hungry just to buy data to be able to update my followers. It gives me great pleasure sharing with my followers and getting their feedback.”