COVID -19 Epidemic: What Government, Entertainers Should Do – Singer, Meggax

Olushola Oyedokun

For International performing artiste, Olushola Oyedokun with stage name Meggax there are certain measures the government and celebrities should take to jointly tackle the Covid -19 pandemonium.

Meggax who is based in Olivedale Randburg -Johannesburg and majors in R&B, Raggae, Afro-Pop and DanceHall songs beckoned on the government to use all measures to tackle the already global health hazard.

The SelfPaid Entertainment Signee advised that all international borders should remain closed to avoid people from other countries from entering, “Our government should make a provision for the citizens to stay home for a while till we find out solutions to this Coronavirus.

They should also make sure all social places like school, churches, markets and many more gardens are closed for now, until we find solutions.
Again, I think security agencies should be sent out to make sure people stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus.”

He continued, ” As a celebrity all you need to do is to support the government by using your platforms to spread love and peace to the citizens to stay at home. I think this is not a time to promote music rather you promote peace and encourage your fans to understand that everything will soon pass away. It is also a time they should help the fans with the little they can to avoid them going out for looking for their daily food.”
Meggax also stated that despite the economic meltdown caused by the Coronavirus epidemic, the stay-at-home order given by the government is a good time to amend broken homes and bear more children.

He said, “I believe this season a lot marriages would be restored because the men will always stay home to make peace and build there families. No more excuses to leave home which has been the major cause of marriage crisis lately.

It is also an opportunity for single woman to get pregnant and it’s good idea for the men who don’t have time to make their wife enjoy their marriages. So, I’d advise any woman who is willing to have children to take the advantage of this holiday to get pregnant and build there home.”

The multi-talented Entertainer born in Lagos, expresses his excitement as his music career continues to soar.