Coronavirus: India Impounds Nigeria Bound Medic Supplies

  • CONTEC turns to China to procure medic supplies

As concerted efforts across the globe is being pulled together to curtail the spread of the deadly CoronaVirus aka COVID-19, India has banned the export of strategic medical supplies meant for the fight against the spread of virus across the world.

The ban is contained in a government gazette dated March 19th and signed by the Director General, Foreign Trade Amit Yadav.

Nigeria is one of the first casualties of the ban as consignments of anti-Coronavirus medical supplies meant for shipment to the country were impounded by the Indian authorities in Delhi.

CONTEC Global, a Nigerian based company, responsible and fast tracking the medical supplies which included face masks, ventilators, textile raw materials for face mask, informed that it has invested in the medical resources to assist federal government in cushioning the impact of the deadly virus.

The supplies, the company hinted are meant to assist Nigeria in the fight against the dreaded virus with the number of infected persons in the country rising.

Informed Sources say Indian Authorities are probably acting to protect self first as the virus is fast spreading in the country with India’s 1.3 billion population in virtual lockdown as the government in Delhi mobilizes resources to contain it.

However, CONTEC which has been in operation in Nigeria for a long time says it is turning to China to import the medical supplies to help the country fight the virus.

The new consignment from China by CONTEC is expected in the country next week and will be distributed free as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).