DopemanTwizzy to Rock Music Industry with Groovy Single

Dopeman Twizzy

Rebecca Ejifoma

UK trained Nigerian Afro beat artiste, DopemanTwizzy, is definitely one to keep your eyes on. He is set to rock the Nigerian music industry featuring a big wig in the music terrain in his new groovy single with an undisclosed title.

The artiste, whose real name is Tobechukwu Ukairo, does not only want to hit the right notes but also to leverage on the opportunities in the industry.

He enthused: “The Nigerian music industry is in a great shape and one can express oneself. A lot of artistes are pushing the limits and exposing Afro beats to the world. And this has been one of my greatest inspirations.”

Indeed, the Abia state born is on the quest to belt out his song and spin music enthusiasts worldwide. Hence, DopemanTwizzy sings his heart out. This he began when he was aged 11. His interest in Afrobeat grew over the years as he listened to notable Nigerian artistes such as 2face Idibia among others.

“My family has been my greatest fan till date. Although I am yet to feature in any collabo, I have a lot of hit songs on the way. He is presently focused on introducing myself to the Nigerian market. DopemanTwizzy is presently working to feature a big name in the industry in his soon to be released single.

“There is a strong culture embedded in the Nigerian music industry which I was naturally drawn to. I think it is just a matter of catching up in terms of utilising the internet to spread music since a significant percentage of the population isn’t really tech savvy yet so that may take a little time.

He further pulled the attention of the government. “The more the country progresses in terms of education and financial equality, the easier it will be for music to travel round quickly and organically”.

DopemanTwizzy is a blend of two names he grew fond of. After trying a few others, he settled for this as a stage name he is launching to the world.

On the journey so far, DopemanTwizzy remains positive as the last one year has recorded an unprecedented rise in his career. His novel release titled, Solo will birth a handful of others for music aficionados.

The 23 years old musician holds a BSc in Sound Technology and Digital Music from Oxford Brookes University in the UK. He is a musician and song writer. With his new captivating song, DopemanTwizzy wants to make the world go round.