Churches, Mosques are Safest Places, Says Oyedepo

David Oyedepo

Sunday Ehigiator

After defying the government order on social distancing during last Sunday church services, the General Overseer of Living Faith Assembly (aka Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has disclosed that churches and mosques are the safest places where persons infected with the COVID-19 pandemic can be easily detected.

He made this statement last Monday in a viral video he shared on social media after being heavily criticised by Nigerians for flaunting government orders.

The cleric said: “This plague is the work of the devil targeted at world leaders, and the only solution is to return to God and call on Him.

“Human beings can’t do without contacting one another which makes the virus worse. Markets are the number one places where contacts can’t be avoided, yet it’s not closed down yet.”

Oyedepo said fear was the major weapon of the devil, hence “we must not give room to fear. We must not fear the virus,” adding that with fear, humans can easily become enslaved to it.

He, however, said he wasn’t against government policies, saying: “I am not against government policies aimed at controlling the spread, but schools are a safe place to detect who has the virus or not just like the churches and mosques, where who has the virus can be detected, because in these places, people can easily be controlled and checked.”