APC will Break up in 2021, Says PDP National Secretary


Francis Sardauna in Katsina

The National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Umar Ibrahim Tsauri, has said the possibility of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) breaking up in 2021 as result of its leadership tussle is not in doubt because the party is headed for the rocks.

Consequently, he said the PDP is coming with what he described as political tsunami that would send APC on a mission to strangle itself to death in the forthcoming general election.

Tsauri, who spoke in an exclusive interview with THISDAY yesterday, added that the PDP will defeat the ruling party as well as any other political party that dared to challenge its “supremacy” in the country.

He said: “APC is not a political party but a collection of interest. So, give them between now and next year, 2021; the party will dissipate and those interests will divide themselves. Nobody can claim ownership of the PDP but in APC, there are people who own the party.

“Did APC succeed in doing anything good for this country? No! During campaigns, they made promise on three fundamental challenges in this country —security, economy and corruption. They did not succeed in any of these promises.

“The economy has failed woefully; the security challenge has increased to the level that people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed in any part of this country. The security situation of this country is very sad and sympathetic”.

He expressed concern over the ongoing anti-corruption war by the President Muhammadu Buhari’s government, saying it is shocking that other parties’ chieftains accused of corrupt practices have turned to angels after joining APC.

“The chairman of APC came out and told the world that whatever you might had committed if you come to APC, you are a saint. All the people who are being pursue in terms of corruption today are from the opposition. If you are from APC, you are a scent, if you are PDP you are devil.

“The people who are the most corrupt individuals in this country are part and parcel of this government; they are ministers, they are people who have cases with EFCC and ICPC”, he added.