Teacher’s Diary



Do you recognise this advice? We live in fear of using our own hands to do our own selves (if I may indulge in a stint of direct translation from a Yoruba saying). With COVID-19, you’ve got to be careful indeed. Your hands had better be frequently washed with soap and water or you could be taking Coronavirus to your own face from which it travels easily into your windpipe.

Ladies, since your lips are of great fascination to you, you need to take extra care of them. Take a look at my previous close up on lips:

Your lips are one of the borders to your internal organs. Safe-guard your lips like your country’s borders are protected! Your lips part to allow air, solids, fluid into your insides. Your internal organs, vital and not so very vital, in the medical sense of the terms, benefit from their trappings.
Your lips contribute to the entire description and identification of your face. Lips come in a number of shapes and sizes. They could be thick and, or full, with a natural outline edge-ways. These type are voluptuous and curvy. They have a great sex appeal and are easy to pout. On the opposite end are thin lips. These need a lip pencil to sketch their profile. On the other hand, some lips could be the unequa type where the top or bottom lip is pronouncedly higher or fuller or even thinner, needing a lip pencil to perfect its entire silhouette.

Some people are blessed with fallen lips. Fallen lips tilt downwards at their corners and actually look attractive, especially when infused with positivism. Have you ever heard of the power of psychosomatic feelings? Infuse your mind more with all that are good, progressive and life-changing. Sexy lips are similar to round lips. Sexy lips are alluring and naturally pouty. Round lips round up like a button and are cute-looking. Improve the outline of both types of lips with a lip liner.

There are wide lips too. These tend to be broad, extensive and spacious. Make them gorgeous by using a lip pencil to draw an outline just on the inner parts of its rims, but leave out the corners. Shapeless lips could be a blessing. Because they fall into no shape or classification, define their borders with a lip pencil to create the shape you want before you blend in the colour you desire.

Everyone wants smoot, well textured and free-from-crack lips. Dry lips are flaky, lacklustre (especially in cold weather) and cracked. Gently remove dead skin weekly from dry lips with a soft toothbrush. You could also exfoliate with specially made gentle lip scrub products. Apply balms or glosses that are petroleum, paraffin or beeswax based, to such lips regularly.

Essentially, love the lips you have and care for them. Take the time to determine the type you have. Do a little research on how best to always have them in top form and looking great with or without make-up.

Omoru writes from the UK