Election: Ijaw Leaders Should Ensure IYV Worldwide Get it Right this Time


Selky Kile Toroughedi

The run-up to the forthcoming national election of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide means many things for the Ijaw Nation and Its People hence, efforts should be made to ensure that the election is credible, peaceful and unified for the sake of the success of the Ijaw Struggles for the advancement, development, prosperity and survival of our people.

This is very important because for more than four years after we lost the position of the President of Nigeria, the Ijaw Nation has been in disarray and all Ijaw Socio-Cultural Oganisations were abysmally uncoordinated, politically and socially divisive in such a manner that grounded our collective struggles to a halt to the detriment of the generality of Ijaw People and has mesmerised the sacrifices of our blood, sweat and tears.

Therefore, it is highly necessary that we sustain the current process of unity across board in order to fully implement the rejuvenation of our Socio-Cultural Oganisations as the mothhpiece of our people and nation should be crystalised in this 2020 IYC National Election hence, Ijaw Leaders should keep personal interests aside in place of wide spread assessments and consultations to ensure that only a positively popular candidate who has the charisma and passion to work for the general good of the entire Ijaw Nation emerges as President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide.

Although, I commend the Ijaw Leaders from all Zones and Chapters who have relentlessly worked to bring about the current success however, more needs to be done. Therefore, I humbly ask for more efforts through selfless sacrifices by our leadership; Tompolo, Ateke Tom etc to buy into this venture amd ensure the sustainability of a process geared towards refining the Ijaw Struggle and setting her compass and rudder towards activities that will benefit the generality of Ijaw People.

I also wish to use this medium to call on all Leaders of the Niger Delta Ex-Agitators Leadership Forum to play advisory and mediative roles in this transition period and process of the IYC and not to engage in assauging personal pecuniary interests or allowing inducement by aspirinlts that will tip the balance of the peace and unity of which so much efforts and resources have been expended on. What is important right now is to use our discretion to know what is right and or who is the right candidate to occupy the Office of the President of the IYC in order to bring about the much desired rennaisance in the Ijaw Nation and Niger Delta in general.

In line with the spirit of truth, I call on all delegates that will emerge from all Zones and chapters not to sell their conscience for selfish considerations and patronage to the detriment of our collective interest as a nation. The time to get it right is now,
Furthermore, I will work with other leaders of the Ijaw Nation to ensure a peaceful conduct of the election in order for same to be free and fair.

We have a greater task ahead but only proper coordination and organised engagements can empower us to successfully achieve those tasks. A People divided against themselves will be vulnerable and easy to conquer, they will lose respect in the committee of natural nations or ethnic nationalities hence, it is imperative that we act in manners that will attract respect to us from others and for the world to take us seriously.
–––High Chief Torughedi Aka General Young Shall Grow is the National Chairman, Niger Delta Agitators Leadership Forum and Coordinator, Niger Delta Waterways Maritime Security