‘60 Million Jobs Underway from Continent Building’

Otunba Wanle Akinboboye

Ayodeji Ake

As African Union seeks a united Africa to deliver prosperity to the continent, the Founder and President of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, has assured of the creation of over 60 million jobs if the right things are done in the actualisation of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union – Economic Social and Cultural Council, known as AU – ECOSOCC – Nigeria.

Akinboboye made this known at the close of the brainstorming session the AU – ECOSOCC led by the country Representative, Honourable John Oba Olasunkanmi, on partnership with Continent Building Initiative, which is an activation founded by Akinboboye.

Akinboboye, who was recently made an advisor to AU – ECOSOCC – Nigeria, to help the body in achieving its Agenda 2063, said there exists the prospect of creating over 60 million jobs in various sectors within the continent through the intervention of AU – ECOSOCC – Nigeria.

He said: “We are hoping to create over 60 million jobs with this initiative, that is our aim, hope and aspiration,” he said, stressing that all that is needed is to ensure a peaceful continent, which will then bring about the creation of wealth.

“We will create peace in the continent of Africa through wealth creation. Because to have peace you begin first by creating wealth and not through buying of arms and ammunition.”

He further advised that the billions spent on the purchase of arms and ammunition by the 54 countries in the continent should be converted to creating wealth and the result will be amazing.

“The billions of dollars you use in buying arms and ammunition use it to feed the people of Africa by creating wealth and when the people are well fed they will be afraid to fight or die, therefore, the commitment of this platform is to ensure that this message gets across to everyone and the governments of Africa.”

He then revealed that the 10 focal points devised for the platform during the session was aimed at wealth creation for the continent, stressing that culture will be a critical part of that element as the content of Africa’s culture is so rich and diverse that it needs to be harnessed through creativity.

“We will leverage our culture and creative as Africans must create a platform for the world to patronise Africa,’’ he said even as he admonished that ‘‘it is not time to get angered but to get even with the world by using your advantage to your advantage”.

His message to the continent leaders is that it is time to give purposeful leadership that will ensure economic growth and prosperity for the people of the continent.

Therefore, he urged them to partner with the group in the actualisation of this goal as it is set to.

“Give developmental growth to African people through what we have created. We need to create African expatriates all over the world that they can create wealth and products that can be patronised.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Representative at the AU – ECOSOCCO – Nigeria, Mr. Oba Olasunkanmi John, highlighted the seven aspirations of Agenda 2063 and the various programmes that have been outlined in partnership with the Continent Building Initiative, which Akinboboye would spearhead.

He expressed confidence in the ability of Akinboboye to deliver on the project because he is tested and proven over the years.