Medical Experts Educate Nigerians on Importance of Organic Food


By Kasim Sumaina

Medical experts have advised Nigerians to focus more on cultivating and eating organic products.

The Managing Director, QEI Concepts/ Lady Green Limited, Queen Ikwauzom noted that infertility rates have increased in men and women and that the country has become a dumping ground for junks, even though it has one of the best herbs in the world.

Ikwauzom, while addressing participants during a press conference organised by QEI Concepts/ Lady Green Limitedin Abuja recently to sensitise the public on the benefits of cultivating organic products and providing employment opportunities, stated that avoiding junks and going back to the lifestyle of our grandparents will go a long way in ensuring that Nigerians live for a long time on earth, as many diseases people suffer today are as a result of the type of food they consume on a daily basis.

According to her, we have to turn our backs to how we farm, eat and drink and go back to our grandparents’ ways of farming and eating.

She said: “QEI Concept Limited is a leading group of doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, army personnel and philanthropists, who believe in continuity of advanced immune system, science with innovations in better health research, product formulation/ standards and more.”

Speaking further, she said: “I remember years ago as a teenager, there was nothing like cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, constant knee pains, autism, suicide, depression, blood pressure, arthritis, ulcer, etc. So, what we eat is important to combat avoidable diseases and infections.”

Similarly, President, Azog Incorporated, New Jersey, USA, Dr Azubuike Ogala, informed that the organisation hopes to create employment opportunities for millions of Nigerians.

He said: “We are talking about using agricultural products to prevent, manage or possibly cure preventable diseases. If we don’t diagnose well, we can’t treat well, so we are developing affordable products that our doctors can use.”

He observed that every disease can be traced to deficiency in minerals. You have to look within you for what works for you as a Nigerian.

“We have the talent to manufacture medical products to cure the peculiar ailments suffered by citizens. We can create employment opportunities through manufacturing the products.

“Most of our doctors are abroad, so we have to figure out a way to make them stay because we have all we need in Nigeria and Africa,” Ogala said.