El-Rufai will Be Prudent With $350m World Bank Loan, Says Sani

Uba Sani

Dike Onwuamaeze

The Senator Representing Kaduna Central, Mr. Uba Sani, has vouched that the Kaduna State Governor, Mr. Nasir el-Rufai, would prudently deploy the loan of $350 million from the World Bank to enhance the welfare and well-being of the people of Kaduna State.

Sani’s comment came after the two chambers of the National Assembly, namely the Senate and the House of Representatives had approved Kaduna State government’s request for the World Bank loan.

He said: “I have assured my colleagues in both the Senate and the House of Representatives that it is not possible for the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, to fail on the promises of his administration regarding the use or disbursement of the loan from the World Bank. I even insist that I, Senator Uba Sani, be held liable if the Governor fails or disappoints. But of course I know el- Rufai will never fail the people of Kaduna State. I am extremely happy and proud of the role some of us played in securing this loan for Kaduna State,” Sani said.

He said that even the worst critics of the governor could attest to the fact that el-Rufai is perhaps one of the most prudent and accountable public office holders in Nigeria today. “I am very certain and confident that the Governor will fulfill all that he has told the World Bank, the good people of Kaduna State and the National Assembly, on what Kaduna State Government will do with the loan,” Sani said.

He recalled that the eighth Senate denied the Kaduna State government the approval to access the loan from the World Bank as Senator Shehu Sani, who was the chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign and Domestic Loans, had argued that the loan would erode the economic viability of the state that was already carrying huge debt burden. His position was supported by two other senators from the State in the eight Senate, Suleiman Hunkuyi (Kaduna North) and Danjuma La’ah (Kaduna South).

However, Senator Uba Sani, who is also the current Chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions and also a member of Senate’s Committee on Foreign and Local Debts, was at the forefront of efforts to secure the approval of the ninth Senate and indeed the National Assembly for the loan for Kaduna State.

He also faulted the position of the three senators from Kaduna State who were in the eight National Assembly: “They were wrong in their assertion. Having checked the laws, the accounts and the performance of the Kaduna State Government, the World Bank was convinced that Kaduna State merits its support. Equally important is the integrity of the Governor of Kaduna State. While considering the request for the loan, the relevant committees in both chambers of the National Assembly factored in the unassailable integrity of Governor Nasir El Rufai, to approve the loan request,” he said.

He disclosed that the World Bank and other ratings agencies have adjudged that Kaduna State could sustainably manage the credit, which has a 10-year moratorium and a 40-year repayment period.