Academics is Incomplete without Sports, Says Koiki


The Executive Director of Greensprings School, Lagos, Mrs. Lai Koiki has said academics cannot be complete if students don’t participate in sports.

Koiki, who said this at the opening ceremony of the International Tennis Academy at the school’s Lekki Campus, added, “it is becoming very important for sports to become an integral part of academics. This is because sports and exercises improve the brain and make students learn better.

“Sports also help keep students fit, and in this age of virtual learning where students don’t necessarily have to go to class, recreational activities are paramount as they help students develop an excellent interpersonal relationship,” she said.

On the school’s partnership with the International Tennis Academy, Koiki reiterated Greensprings School’s commitment to impacting its community positively, saying that the school has hosted several sports events in the past and that although the tennis academy is starting with students of Greensprings, the school is working with the organiser to extend the academy to students from schools all over the country.

Koiki, who explained that sports is a vital part of Greensprings School’s curricula said: “We take sports seriously in our school, so we made sports an important part of our curricula and have invested heavily in sports facilities. In our Lekki Campus for example, we have four tennis courts, two basketball courts, three football pitches, two swimming pools, a badminton court and four tables for tennis. These facilities serve as training avenues for our students to develop themselves in any sport of their choice.”