NIPOST Shores Up Revenue, Partners Energy Firm


Emmanuel Addeh in Abuja

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) said yesterday that it was finding ways to innovate and shore up its dwindling revenue, as a result of the influx of modern messaging and communication technology.

The Post Master General of the Federation, Dr Adebayo Adewusi,
who spoke during the unveiling of a partnership with Hansa Green Energy Solutions, promoted by Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited, noted that the event marked another milestone in the service’s effort to use its extensive postal outlets to provide innovative and unique products.

He recalled that in the past, post office was a rallying point for people in most communities, while postal services were considered as one of the pillars of governance, a sign of government presence and commitment to the social welfare of its citizens.

However, Adewusi noted that in recent time, globalisation coupled with the growth in e-commerce, aided with the advent of new communication technology had forced many postal administrations to explore ways of expanding their frontiers through collaboration with relevant stakeholders in order to meet the emerging challenges in the communication sector.

“What we are witnessing here today is the rediscovery of the same post office but in a different way. This time around, we are re-engineering and re-inventing NIPOST through collaborations with different stakeholders from the public and private sectors and also leveraging on technology to present an array of innovative products and services aimed at meeting the divergent needs of our people.

“The unveiling of Hansa Green Energy Solutions, (product of Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited) today is a result of such collaborations through our agency service and our contributions toward the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the federal government” he said.

He added that as part of the world postal network of over 660,000 post offices, NIPOST was placed in a vantage position with about 5000 postal outlets consisting of full-fledged post offices, postal agencies and post shops with over 12000 employees across the country to offer its agency services.

Adewusi explained that by making available post office counters nationwide to Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited to market its products to Nigerians, many of the issues associated with lack of power in Nigerian homes would be a thing of the past.

“This will help in the advocacy for clean energy by delivering energy solutions. From today this service would be available in our post offices nationwide on demand by customers” he noted.

In her comments, the Chairman, Board of Directors, NIPOST, Maimuna Abubakar, stressed that the transformation of the agency had begun, noting that the revenue drive of the organisation will continue with its diversification into non-messaging areas.

Managing Director of Ukpa Hansa Energy Solutions Limited, Mr Ewie Aimienwauu, said the company, a subsidiary of the Dubai-based company, which he said operates in 16 countries, was determined to ameliorate the suffering of Nigerians with the offering of their solar energy solutions.

He expressed the belief that the company’s endeavours would drive affordable and clean energy, reduce poverty, enhance good health , clean water and climate action by fulfilling article seven of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country.