Even Coronavirus Has Not Done as much Damage to Nigeria as President Buhari

Muhammadu Buhari

With Reno Omokri

Ideal in facts, not speculation, or emotion. What I am about to present here are the cold hard facts. You may not like them. You may hate me for exposing them. But you cannot say that they are not true. Let us focus on what cannot lie so that Nigeria can be saved, for as you know, “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

When former President Jonathan handed power over to President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015, Nigeria owed N9 trillion, meaning that each Nigerian owed N45,000. After five years of President Buhari, Nigeria now owes N27 trillion, meaning that each Nigerian is now indebted to the tune of N135,000.

By the time you add the $22.7 billion loan that the senate approved on Thursday, March 6, 2020, the national debt will rise to N36 trillion, which means that each Nigerian will then owe N180,000.

President Buhari has borrowed so much that our sharp foreign-debt increase caused Standard and Poor to downgrade Nigeria this past week. This is the third time in four months S&P is downgrading Nigeria (they upgraded us under former President Jonathan). Yet, Buhari has money to rehabilitate Boko Haram!

But the big question is, how has the N16 trillion debt that Buhari has already taken impacted your life? You pay more for the basics – food, fuel, electricity and education. The services the government should provide are now worse than they were in 2015. According to Transparency International, we are now much more corrupt as a nation than we ever were in 2015 (think Babachir, think Buhari raising up Ganduje’s hands, think of the $25 billion worth of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation contract awarded without due process, think of Aisha Buhari’s ADC).

So, at every stage, we are provenly worse than we were in 2015. And Ahmed Lawal’s rubber stamp gives this disappointment of a human-being the permission to further enslave us by accumulating more wealth. No wonder he is Farouk Lawan’s namesake!
It is not as if Buhari is even using the $22.7 billion loan for necessities or projects that will impact the lives of Nigerians. I urge all citizens to go through the breakdown of the loan. $500 million for NTA? $200 million for “fiscal governance”? Imagine!! Even #COVID -19 (#CoronaVirus) has not damaged Nigeria as much as Buhari!

And as if this was not enough, we got wind of the Bill to grant so-called ‘repentant’ Boko Haram members access to foreign education. Really?
The All Progressive Congress sponsored Repentant Boko Haram Bill provides for a foreign scholarship for repentant terrorists and other goodies. Buhari and his cronies are showing their true colours. How many orphans or widows of Nigerian soldiers killed by Boko Haram enjoy such benefits? In fact, how many soldiers themselves enjoy such benefits?

When xenophobic attacks raged in South Africa, I begged Buhari to send a plane to evacuate Nigerians. He refused. His deputy, the supposed Pastor; Yemi Osinbajo, went for Mugabe’s funeral and would not bring back any. Yet, they sent a jet to Niger Republic to pick up repentant Boko Haramists.

It took private citizens, Allen Onyeama of Air Peace and Apostle Johnson Suleman, to repatriate Nigerians from South Africa. Even Nigerians in China were abandoned to their fate amid the COVID-19 infestation. This is also as other nations, smaller nations, evacuated. Yet President Buhari repatriated ‘repentant’ Boko Haramists and their wives from Niger Republic.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this man. It is obvious that he is King Midas in reverse. Whatever he touches turns to leprosy. Yet he continues to delude himself that he has integrity. Indeed, the emperor is butt naked, and he does not know it.
How can anyone in their right mind countenance such a thing as sponsoring killers abroad as compensation? Obviously, President Buhari and El-Rufai are cut from the same demonic cloth. If you recall, El-Rufai once let out that he paid herdsmen compensation after they killed citizens of Nigeria in Kaduna, as a way of stopping future killings!

Repentant Boko Haram! With the doctrine of Taqiyya, any Boko Haramist can lie that he has repented. If they have repented, how come these Boko Haramists can’t lead the Nigerian Army to their former colleagues’ hideout? Why can’t they show us where the Chibok Girls are? Who is fooling who? Monthly, we read of soldiers being waylaid by Boko Haram and slaughtered. How did Boko Haram get the info? No such thing as repentant Boko Haram.

The fact that President Buhari even considered this approach does aid volumes to those who understand the language of non-verbal communication.
If you doubt what I am inferring, then ask yourself how come herdsmen killings in Nigeria as a whole, and the Yoruba speaking states have reduced since the Southwest declared Amotekun? Think about it. When was the last time you heard about a killing, kidnap or farmland attack in the Southwest? Evil only thrives when good men do nothing. The South-South, Southeast and the Kwajafa axis, should not lag.

As General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma said, “You must rise to protect yourselves from these people, if you depend on the Arm Forces to protect you, you will all die.”
If you doubted what General Danjuma said, then, I hope you have come to your senses now that this government is dishing out rewards to Boko Haram after they have killed Nigerian soldiers and civilians. That is just how much our lives matter to President Buhari.

And to those Nigerians praying for things to change, let me say the following:
In a democracy, you don’t PRAY for the type of leaders you want. You PAY for the type of leaders you have. Because you voted for them with your own hands. They were not given to you by God. Stop asking God to do what He already empowered you to do.

Reno’s Nuggets
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