Musician charges industry stakeholders to grow AfrobeatGenre


For those who are sheer lovers of Afrobeats music, The name Chyzzi is rapidly becoming a household name as since his music debut in 2017 he has always been way ahead of his peers in terms of quality of released music from his brand, while we African clamour for the growth of our own genre on the worldwide scene, Nigerian musician Chyzzi tasks on the need for Nigerian music to step up and spearhead Afrobeats to Global dominance; on a chat with one of our media correspondent this is what he had to say…

“Nigeria is a blessed country musically and as we all know we’re the pioneers of the Afrobeats sounds, the growth of Afrobeats worldwide is a huge sign that the world has been sleeping on what we have to offer as they’re now being aware of it. The way Afrobeats is growing is like a virus as it seems not to be stopping anytime soon and it pleases me to travel all over the world to see our music been accepted even in non-English speaking countries; am so glad to be amongst the generation and musician to take this to the next level and I urge other African Musicians to join in the movement to push Afrobeats to the world”

Speaking on what was needed to be done to push the sound more from the Nigerian terrain, The “Owo Ti De” crooner had this to say “We’re blessed as Nation in terms of whatever we do we always excel in it especially in the music industry, we’ve done well in pushing our sound for the world to accept but moving forward in order for our industry to grow I think more chance and platform should be given to rising stars, let’s end the nepotism in the industry and also try to spread more conscious tunes to the masses as the industry seems one sided and that really isn’t an industry to me, I think the whole Nigerian industry is more like a big label owned by a group of friends pushing their own clique. We should unite and support one another.”