Businessman Knocks House Members for Rejecting Made in Nigeria Vehicles


By Sylvester Idowu

Managing Director of DAS Energy Services Limited based in Warri, Delta State, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has called on Nigerians to rise up against the alleged unpatriotic act of members of the House of Representatives for choosing to buy foreign vehicles, after rejecting an initial proposal to patronise local car manufacturers like Innoson Motors.

Onuesoke who condemned the action of the lawmakers while speaking to journalists in Warri yesterday disclosed that if the federal lawmakers do not trust made-in-Nigeria cars or promote and patronise locally assembled products, then any of them do not have the moral right to ask Nigerians to buy locally made products.

The former Delta State governorship aspirant, who described the lawmakers action as unpatriotic, argued that if they could make laws banning importation of products made in Nigeria, then nothing prevents them from patronising vehicles made in Nigeria as official cars.

He said that he was not against the lawmakers acquiring frivolous assets to their undeserved duties, but that he expected them to be patriotic about it, adding, “What’s wrong with patronising Innoson Motors after all he also has the same brand and luxury as Toyota. This country is a season movies.

“I wonder how our economy would grow with this set of individuals who cannot patronise a product made in their country and they will still be the ones advertising to the nation on the need to patronise made in Nigeria products.

Who do they think they are fooling? They don’t create jobs. Those who finally do, they don’t support, neither promote them. It’s such a pity,” he stated.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain therefore called on Nigerians to speak out against the unpatriotic antics of the federal lawmakers noting that if the lawmakers were made to invest in the local firm it would not only reduce unemployment but also trickle down to growth of local businesses.

“This is democracy in Nigeria style. There are no good roads, no electricity, no security, no jobs, poor dilapidated schools and N30,000 minimum wage that is if they get paid. Yet the lawmakers are spending the poor tax payers money in purchasing expensive exotic imported vehicles as officials cars. They banned the poor masses from eating imported rice, but they cannot ban themselves from importing imported cars,” he lamented.

He stressed that while the borders are closed because they wanted the masses to patronise Nigerian products, 95 per cent of the lawmakers have a grain of Nigerian rice in their homes.

The former Delta State Governorship aspirant maintained that the move by the federal lawmakers is a huge let down to the Nigerian people, stressing that foreigners do not buy Nigerian cars and they might never do.

“ Therefore, it behoves on Nigerians to do the right thing by buying Nigerian cars. If lawmakers cannot do this, then who will?” he asked.

He advised the federal lawmakers to emulate members of Anambra State House of Assembly for towing the line of South-east and South-south governors in patronising Innoson Motors home products.