Tingo Mobile Unveils Reno Omokri as Brand Ambassador

Reno Omokri

A United Kingdom based mobile telephony company, Tingo Mobile, has named former Presidential Spokesman and Bestselling Author, Mr. Reno Omokri, as its global brand ambassador.

Tingo Mobile, which has plans to launch its services in America, also nominated Omokri as a brand ambassador because his identity as a global citizen that toured the world in 2019 tied in with the company’s mission to bring mobile telephony and e-money solutions to people and communities across the globe.

Speaking at the unveiling of Omokri as Tingo’s brand ambassador at the Nasdaq composite’s office in London, Co-founder of Tingo Mobili, Mr. Dozy Mmobuosi, said the passion and commitment Omokri has shown by visiting 37 nations in one year, at his own expense, just to promote charitable causes he believes in is admirable and tied in with the Tingo Mobile vision. The vision, according to Mmobuosi, is that “nobody is beyond the reach of Tingo Mobile, irrespective of their station and status in life. Our mission is to provide mobile telephony services and e-money solutions to people around the world, no matter how remote and inaccessible their location may be.”

Omokri has also been appointed into the Advisory Board of Tingo International Holdings, Inc, (TIH) and would be projecting the company on his continuing global travels, where he meets with world leaders and community groups to promote freedom and peaceful coexistence.

TIH is a Delaware, United States of America, incorporated holding company, that is expected to debut on a major United States of America’s stock exchange in Q2, 2020.

“I believe and support the mission that Tingo Mobile espouses. I have dedicated a huge part of my life towards advancing the brotherhood of mankind and eliminating barriers of race and class. To see a company that genuinely intends to democratise access to mobile telephony by providing inexpensive packages to all the world’s peoples gladdens my heart and I am without hesitation in aligning with Tingo Mobile on this venture,” Omokri said.

Tingo Mobile, which would be launched in the United States of America this year, was founded in 2001 and has a network of subscribers in Europe and Africa.