Firm Increases Presence in Africa


OleumTech, provider of wireless industrial automation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has announced its channel partnership with Tranter IT for providing sales, distribution, and application engineering for the entire OleumTech product line in Nigeria.

Tranter IT is a technology service provider with an established presence in all 36 states of Nigeria with over 400 employees, of which 270 are engineers. The Tranter IT team offers a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, having a proven track record in serving the oil and gas and IoT industries in the country.

“OleumTech is proud to partner with Tranter IT and its network of trusted technology experts to promote our robust portfolio of platforms and products. As we continue to expand our global footprint, we believe Tranter IT and subsidiary, IoT Africa,are uniquely positioned for success,” the company said.
Speaking on the importance of the partnership, Tranter IT CEO and Executive Chairman, Mr. Lare Ayoola, said: “Combining their best-in-class technology with our technical expertise provides a powerful and synergistic combination which will undoubtedly bring significant value to the various industries we provide IoT services to. Tranter IT enables digital oilfield, which is the installation of sensors at every stage of oil production and transportation to give the end user greater visibility over their oilfield.”

“Our partnership with OleumTech will revolutionize the Oil and Gas industry by providing highly advanced intrinsically safe wireless transmitters featuring low-power telemetry solutions to the oil and gas industry. OleumTech serves the entire Oil and Gas value chain, from upstream operations through midstream operations to downstream applications in chemical plants and refineries which has radically transformed how data is gathered in the field.”
“Tranter IT is the exclusive distributor of OleumTech devices in Nigeria and based on experience, knowledge and expertise has the capacity to deploy and execute projects relating to IoT in Nigeria,” Ayoola added.

Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Initiatives, Brent McAdams, said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with OleumTech, whose pedigree and reputation in the oil and gas and manufacturing markets is exemplary.”