A Peek into the World of Sifax Boss, Taiwo Afolabi

Executive Vice Chairman of SIFAX Group, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi

What is going on in the world of the powerful, influential and incorrigibly wealthy? New cars, new apartments in palm-tree countries, even New Year resolutions, their lives and lifestyles are extensively different from those of the common folk. While a long-necked onlooker might never get to give flesh to his deepest fantasies of fortune and affluence, a dive into these high lives inspires as much as it counsels.

 The life of Taiwo Afolabi, for example, is one of such. Understanding the lifestyle, companions and choices of Mr. Afolabi are the first step to confirming the maxim that money answers all things, and that unrepentant determination – coupled with a drive to reach the stars – is the way to accrue this money; there’s also the bit about things that money cannot buy, e.g. Mr. Afolabi’s devotion to his family and friends. In a minute, first, a peek at the boss himself.

 For those in the know, Dr. Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi is the CEO of SIFAX Group, a multinational conglomerate that is well invested in industries ranging from Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Hospitality, and much more. The man is a power player, a philanthropist, speaker and seasoned consultant – to mention a few of his passions. He has doubtless built new wall spaces to accommodate awards from all corners of the world’s business sectors, but commits himself to domestic undertakings as well as foreign assignments.

 There’s his wife, and now the scope is his inside life. Folasade Afolabi, the celebrated backbone of Taiwo Afolabi. A CEO in her own right (as she runs Folas Fabrics, the popular fabric establishment in Lagos), Madam Folasade allows her husband to hug all the limelight, content to be the engine running in the background. A high society lady, if ever there was one; she is graceful, sanguine and a contemplative personality.

 Then there is the Kehinde Afolabi, another arm of Taiwo Afolabi’s life – excluding his beloved children. This is the twin brother who is  more more outgoing, and the life of the party in their relationship. Being the louder voice, Kehinde’s socialisation has always been matched against Taiwo’s business savvy – which is not to say that the former isn’t a success. One time, it was even reported that he (Kehinde) mans the multimillion-naira hotel, Kenny Dallaa, in Ilupeju, Lagos – which speaks of a business intelligence often indulged.

With both beloved wife and beloved brother, Taiwo Afolabi ably straddles the line between home and work, and the successes continue to pile up.