Firm Unveils Investment App


Rise, a growing Nigerian fintech startup, has rolled out its dollar investment app designed to make automated and global dollar investments possible for Nigerians from as low as $10.

Formerly known as CashEstate, Rise has built an app to make automatic dollar investments in US real estate, stocks, Eurobonds possible.

Rise, started from a free investment club that allow its members to invest in US stocks and US real estate from Nigeria. In doing so, the company came up with the idea to build a holistic wealth management app along with a community that offers financial guidance and long-term investing to help thousands of people stabilize their financial future.

“Today, Rise is pleased to share its app, known as Rise Vest, with the world. The app has opened up access to US real estate, US stocks and Eurobonds among other dollar investment options for Nigerians.”

Rise is founded by Eleanya Eke (former co-founder of crypto exchange, Buycoins) and Bosun Olanrewaju (ex-Andela fellow).
“Our goal is to change the way people invest, in Nigeria first then hopefully, in the rest of the continent,” Eke said.
“Our product allows you to start building a portfolio of US stocks, US real estate or Eurobonds right here from Nigeria and it automates your funding so that you can consistently invest and watch your returns grow over time.

“Research shows that’s the best way to invest. And we believe that to succeed with investing in the long term, everyone needs a diversified, dollar portfolio that grows over time and is relatively immune to our local currency and market fluctuations.”

Rise has a history of promoting an investment culture through its investment club founded to help Nigerians to understand money, investments and learn how to make better money decisions.