ABSU Students Rally against Cultism, Rape, other Social Deviations


Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

The student leadership of Abia State University (ABSU), Uturu has launched a campaign to eradicate all forms of social deviations that hinder wholesome academic pursuits.

The campaign, which was among the activities lined up for the 2020 ABSU summit with the theme ‘Eradicating the Pervasive Social Deviations of the Youth’, was organised by the Students’ Union Government (SUG).

The President of the students union, Mr. Ike Ohuoba told journalists that the anti-social deviation rally was an awareness campaign to educate students on the dangers of getting involved in such societal ills like cultism, rape, drug abuse, abortion, prostitution, suicide, among others.

“We are telling students and youths in general that social deviations would do them no good,” he said, adding that 100 level students constitute the most vulnerable group on campus because of their naivety.

He said it was necessary to start exposing new students to the dangers of getting involved in social deviations as soon as they become bona fide students in order for them to make right choices.

The SUG president said the campaign enjoys the support of the university management, adding that the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Uche Ikonne has zero tolerance for cultism and other social deviations.
At the rally students marched around the campus denouncing the social deviations and calling on others to avoid being trapped by the deceptive attractions of the social vices

They carried placards with inscriptions expressing strong sentiments against all the identified social deviations that potentially ruin youths that engage in them.
Some of the placards read: ‘Say no to Cultism’; ‘Say no to Rape’; ‘Say no to Drug Abuse’; ‘Do not Allow Your Life go up in Flames’; and ‘Say no to Suicide’.

Addressing the rally, the SUG president urged them to stay away from cultism, drug abuse, rape, other anti-social behaviours that could truncate their academic pursuits and even make them lose their lives.