DJ Turbo D Speaks on Upcoming Concert

Versatile Disk Jockey, DJ Turbo D is planning a musical concert which will feature food, drinks and music. The event which he started in 2006 but had been rested returns this October and given the newskool feel with lots of fun, according to the DJ who has toured many countries around the world.  “BlastoffNight” Remix with DJ Turbo D is focused on music, food and drinks.

I started this in 2006 and since then I have been working on the brand trying to put out the name”, Turbo D explains. “This year I would be featuring club, radio and street DJs, comedians and more. I would also be featuring some international DJs from the U.S. It is going to be a BlastOff from Kuronbefun Entertainment. As we know, DJs are into events now. In the next few years we would have lots of DJs hosting not just artistes, companies, telecoms Etc”.

Turbo D also revealed some of his plans which include dishing out more songs, mix-tapes and visuals to his song “Celebrate”, which features Mavin Artiste, Korede Bello. “Firstly, I want to thank God for bringing me this far and I believe he has a lot of good plans ahead. This year, I am going to be very busy, recording more songs and putting it out there for my fans. This would also include videos and mix tapes to reach my fans worldwide.”

DJ Turbo D added that “It has been hard work since my first single, ‘Celebrate’. The music industry is very unique; you need to be on top of your game. That is why I am building a team with positive vibes people that believe in the brand. The video drops next month also, I plan to drop 3 singles this year.” He further noted that DJs are the life of a party and they should always have that in mind. “As a DJ, excellence should be your watch word when organising events. Whether it is a small party or a concert, you always have to bring your A game. Even when there is no groove, you can organize a house party as long as you have the resources to deliver an excellent show. Build your profile, so that you can approach big brands and get sponsorship. Also remember that you have to brush up your skills from time to time. So you can hold it down for the next 2 -3 hours.”

On his relationship with Korede Bello he said, “It has been fun working with Korede Bello. He is a great dude easy going. Recording Celebrate was just a day vibe no stress. I call him MEGA. We play too much and we have toured the world together, we understand each other on stage.” He also hinted that they have another song coming out soon. “We have something coming out soon… another banger you will love it,” he enthused Speaking on how he has been able to shuffle playing at two radio stations and other jobs which also includes being Korede’s official DJ, he said “we wan dey out there in fact if I see 2 more radio stations  I will do. I just believe in hard work and I don’t limit myself. Just keep pushing God will hear you, I believe we all need to move higher. “I love my job have got great passion for it. Sometimes I think about the journey 15years is no beans and I see light in it. So, I am still pushing.

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