Brow Daddy Yakky Launches Make-up Products in Nigeria

Rebecca Ejifoma

Having undergone vigorous trainings in natural beauty therapy in India, US and Canada for 14 years, Nigerian Beautician, Raheem Kazeem Yayah, also known as Brow Daddy Yakky, has launched his make-up beauty line to achieve a flawless.

The unveiling, which held at his salon, Glittering Health and Beauty Salon in Ikeja, had products like: powder palette with blush, bronzer and highlighters; primer, eye shadow palette dedicated to Lola Maja; foundation; powder; concealers, and lips sticks among others.

With a loud experience from Vegas and Los Angeles in the USA, Canada, Baltimore, and India, Brow Daddy Yakky’s love for make-up is unmeasurable. He explained that many artistes home and abroad trust his products.

“I’ve worked with several artistes and movie producers. They trust my products, which are more natural and organic. We also have skincare products which I have been producing for about eight years now.

“I use more of the Indian and Nigerian herbs, because the natural way of beautifying the skin is the best way to go,” Yayah said.

And to promote organic products, the aesthetician urged the government to put regulations such as registration, certification and schools in place to train people to promote the organic aspect of the beauty industry and also help to uphold professionalism in the sector.

Yayah advised Nigerians to go for the right training on skin care in organic products, adding that they should embrace the natural way to beauty in a slow steady manner.

He, however, frowned at skin bleaching, adding that there were more natural ways to approach it. “When people send me messages that they want to become whiter, I tell them it is not the right place”.

He explained that Glitters Health and Beauty runs with a slogan, ‘Slow and steady’, adding, “there are some natural treatments you can use and you will get there.

“There are a lot of fruits that can lighten you. I blend more of such fruits like Pumpkin, Irish potato. I advise people not to do bleaching but natural products”.

With over 14 years experience on movie make-up and lash extension, Brow Daddy Yakky is bent on giving Nigerians and the world the best version of natural and healthy beauty to keep them glittering all day long.

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