Arousing Consumers Curiosity



With more Nigerians keying into cashless policy despite challenges, Raheem Akingbolu links the surge with motivational campaigns being deplored by promoters of digital payments in Nigeria

Nigerian consumers are daily moving towards conquering hurdles working against digital payment in Nigeria. Beyond the fact that competitions among the players have demystified the system, consumer education through campaigns and engagements have further opened the minds of Nigerians to the importance of digital payment. Among other players, eTranzact, SimplePay and Interswitch are using campaigns to energies consumers.

For instance, Quickteller, a consumer payment platform of Interswitch, had last year, introduced “One less thing to worry about” to assure patrons that they could take payment for granted if they take the payment platform as partner. With “One less thing to worry about” , the brand is reassuring consumers of its brand promise.

To further push the message, two weeks ago, the payment platform unveiled a new campaign called “Everything is Possible”. It demonstrates the ubiquitous nature of the platform.

The commercials, which have just been released, are in two versions: ‘The Big Idea’ and ‘Possibility’. Both versions are in furtherance of the previous Quickteller campaign – “One less thing to worry about” – and reiterate the ease and universality of the Quickteller platform.

The creative idea for the campaign is ‘Everything is Possible’ and it’s expressed in the form of two storylines.

Campaign Rationale

From day one, even though with little hitches, Quickteller has always been quick in assuring consumers that it’s synonymous to payments. Again, from the last campaign, consumers are assured that payments will be the last thing they’ll worry about.

Perhaps because most people still use Quickteller for basic payments but don’t know the breadth of other services and payments solution that are possible on the platform, the campaign is like a wake up call to patrons that a lot can still be done on the platform like payment of toll fees and state government payments. With good role interpreters, the brand is saying “You can buy airtime, send money and book flight tickets. Pay cable TV bills, to electricity bills, to shopping from over 100 global stores, take a quick loan, buy event tickets and everything in between, hence the conclusion that Everything is Possible.


The commercial is opened with humorous meeting at which a group of popular comedians and social media acts, enact a sort of ‘pitch discussion’ where they present a series of ‘big’ ideas to show people how it’s possible to do absolutely everything using Quickteller. The notion is that they are trying to outdo each other through the scale of their imaginations.

Of course, that’s the whole point: Quickteller can help you pay for almost anything you can imagine. The humour comes from the craziness of their ideas.

The commercial features well known and loved celebrities like Bovi (a leading Comedian), Ini Dima Okojie (well respected Nollywood actress) and Eric Omondi (a Comedian based in Kenya).


The concept for this commercial is to show one, single, unbroken shot of a man doing a fairly impressive trick; that slowly pulls back to reveal – as the frame gets wider and wider – that the man is actually performing, what appears to be, a near-impossible stunt. This of course, illustrates the compelling point that Quickteller makes almost anything possible!

The beauty of the brand lies in its natural flow from the last ‘Contortionist’ TVC where a skilled Contortionist was able to demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to use Quickteller.

It is a visual metaphor for everyday payments made easy – by Quickteller.

Both commercials are a body of great creative thinking and drive home the overarching message that everything is possible on the Quickteller Platform. The commercials both depict the importance of a platform that makes payment possible irrespective of person, location and needs. Quickteller enables everyone to make transactions on the go, with a few clicks.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Olawale Akanbi, Group Head, Quickteller Marketing, highlighted the importance of transacting on a platform that provides a vast number of services in the digital payment space. He said: “It’s amazing to know that you can pay for almost anything on Quickteller. At Quickteller, we are committed to making all payments possible on our platform. This is why we are continuously expanding the services available on Quickteller. From just a platform where you could transfer money, customers can now perform more transactions that speak to their lifestyle, businesses, passion and even their careers”.

According to Akanbi, “This campaign illustrates the compelling point that Quickteller makes almost anything possible. Both versions of the campaign are a natural flow from the previous campaign and consistent with our messaging that payments are easier and most convenient on the Quickteller platform. It is simply a visual metaphor for everyday payments made easy by Quickteller”.