Rotary Club of Akowonjo Refurbishes, Donates Desks to School


Fadekemi Ajakaiye

The Rotary Club of Akowonjo, District 9110 has refurbished and donated 100 chairs and desks to Rauf Aregbesola Secondary School.

The President, Rotary Club of Akowonjo, Rotn. Abdulkareem Musa stated this at the Club-In-Club Launch, held in Lagos recently. Musa stated that the launch of Club-in-Club is by far the greatest gospel of inclusion and growth evangelism so far for us in the history of Rotary Club of Akowonjo.

As the club is creating competition amongst (members) itself to recruit, retain and grow membership, my take on this is that if we get this right, the club is on its way to becoming a mega club very soon. Let’s do this because we can, he said.

The idea of Club-in-Club is to strengthen and retain membership, as well as group bonding, by breaking ourselves into smaller groups to have healthy competitions which will drive the club forward, he said.

The Past District Governor, Rotary Club, Otunba Bola Onabadejo, stated that with over 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide in over 200 countries, and putting smiles on the faces of people, providing humanitarian services, giving scholarships, looking at basic education and literacy, these are the key points on which Rotary is concerned.

The first of Rotary’s area of focus is peace and conflict resolution. Also, health, child and maternal care. Every woman that goes to the hospital comes back with a baby. Right now, the rate is so alarming for Africa, especially Nigeria, and that Rotary looks into.

We don’t just want peace but a good economy as well, so we at Rotary are empowering the widows and youths. Rotary is the largest scholarship giving organisation in the whole world, he said.

The club which was established on the 23rd of February, 1905, is still the most rated service organisation in the world, he said. The Chair, Membership Committee, 2019,, Rotn. Esther Amoye, stated that in Rotary, we don’t just serve with money, we serve with our talent, treasure and time, and this is how the Club-In-Club reminds us.

This idea is to make people feel good coming to meetings on a weekly basis, and if you can’t be here, let your club members be aware, she said

Membership drive is also what keeps Rotary alive, getting new members who understands the value that we stand for, and the zeal to grow the club. Therefore, our Club-In-Club helps rejuvenate our members, as well as increase our value.

She stated that the Club-In-Club is to get more membership involvement in club activities. It is a responsibility and accountability move.

The challenges we face as a Club here are basically finance and mobility of members from a distance, coupled with the transportation situation in the city. These days, businesses are going through a lot, the economy, tax reforms, and all, which affects finance and giving, she said

We also need to create more awareness, so people will know what Rotary is all about. The idea is to better the society through our activities as the school we just refurbished and donated to, cervical cancer awareness, develop careers, she said.