Mike Dosunmu: I Do Gospel Music with a Message of Hope


Mike Dosunmu is one of Nigeria’s leading gospel ministers. His style of music and composition is seasoned with grace and ignited with passion. He does everything to ensure his deliveries are top notched and heart felt. Dosunmu talks to Tosin Clegg about his music, his career, gospel ministry, concerts and a lot more

My grace and gifts at a tender age

I discovered my grace and gifts at a tender age which was back then in my local church, through the inspiration of my biological father, a Pastor, who was also a music director. He played the trumpet while my mother was an alto singer. Back then, during their rehearsals, while waiting for my parents, I would always feel the connection when they sang and it was just so evident this was what I ought to do. And from there, I started as a percussionist, learning keyboard, singing and leading children choir and, eventually, my music ministry emerged.

I do gospel music with a message of hope

Alongside preaching about peace and, most importantly, about Jesus Christ, I bring messages of peace and salvation. Jesus is at the centre of it all so every lyrics that comes out of my mouth

Music is food to the soul

Music is a strong connection that can’t be ignored, as it influences positively. Music is created by God, it is life, art and, most importantly, Gospel music is a tool that remains in the heart of people in a place of worship. Good composition and lyrics, pleasing melody lines, good instrumentation, good dynamics, rich tones, a good sound to amplify in terms of delivery and a lot more, are important factors in putting a song together or making good music.

Growth of gospel music

There is more pronounced collaboration between foreign and indigenous artistes. I would also say there is an increase in more inspirational songs through the influence of the Holy Spirit. More Gospel concerts take place now, such as ‘The Experience’, which is undoubtedly one the biggest concerts in Africa, and several artistes are beginning to explore different genres of music and release more impactful records.

My inspiration has always been the Holy Spirit

Movement is the theme of my concert, which is long overdue, having mentored a lot of people in music, but most importantly, it was time for Movement to be birthed. The spiritual implementation and the sole purpose of setting up this group and Movement Concert is geared towards qualitative and spontaneous moves of bringing more people into deeper and comprehensive understanding of God’s word. As a result, we are having the concert titled “Movement” and the Lord gave us this word “Movement” because He is to cause a total turnaround in the lives of the young and the old.

The first edition was a very huge success

The turn-out was overwhelming. We experienced the movement of God. A lot of challenges came but above all we overcame them, because our trust and confidence wasn’t in man but in God. The same God raised men of great vision, supporters and those that believed strongly in the Movement Concert and with everything in place it was a huge success. At first, I was so afraid and disturbed about the event but eventually it indeed came through. The Music Ministers did so well, blessed lives and they also ministered through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The media, sound engineers and everyone that worked on the project, including my family, were all encouraging and inspiring. God did what only He is capable of doing and I give Him all the glory.

‘Movement Two’ is going to be mind-blowing and that will always be by the grace of God. God is going to release His Power. We are going to be having spirit-filled ministers of God ministering that day. The expectation is for the people attending to experience a shift and move from that present state to a desired place with God’s positioning, worship and pour out their minds in the place of worship and trust God for a change of status because what He has promised His children is Movement.

Mike Dosunmu and Lightminds Crew

The Lightminds Crew is a group of music ministers chosen by myself and my team to minister alongside me at my concerts and programmes. Each of them deploys their area of ministering to help compliment my performances. I cherish every single one of them a lot and I appreciate them all for been on this journey with me.

Who I define as a Gospel artiste

I would call such a person a Song Minister, A preacher of the word through songs by the influence of God. His music should be centered on Jesus. The skill is something that is required because it’s a mandate that God deserves the best of us.

The bible even said it that David praised God skillfully; meaning Jesus is the skill Himself, not just the Spiritual.

I have been influenced and blessed through the music ministry of so many, both foreign and indigenous artistes of different quality and style of music. To mention but a few, I would say the music and person of Marvin Sapp, Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Nathaniel Bassey, Sammie Okposo, Yolanda Adams, Tye Tribbet, Tasha Cobbs, and a lot more. These People including others have blessed me so much.

 Upcoming plans

A whole lot is coming that will be unveiled when God says its time and a few, amongst others, are setting up an Academy for Musicians to grow more as singers and instrumentalists. There will be workshop for Music Ministers and Pastors so as to enhance a synergy between Music Ministers in church and the church leadership. Also, I have a big plan of a Concert with Choirs at different level, while automatically making them grow in terms of delivery and all. These are a few of what I will be unveiling afterwards.