Code 4TEEN Labs to partner  Fountain School, Moral Ville Academy


By Tosin Clegg

Code 4TEEN an education technology research lab focused on providing a solution to the question of technology literacy and the next generation, has partnered with educational brands across all segments of the sector for the initial public roll out of computer language as a classroom subject to over 100 pupils across all schools.

The company after investing 3 years into broad research with credible names in primary education such as St. Saviours School, Ebute-metta on the feasibility of teaching pupils from as early as Year 3 (7years old) text-based programming in a classroom context has launched its software product ‘Andrew Teaches Coding’. An automated textbook whose robust functionalities creates an eco-system for the new subject, Computer Language. By facilitating the delivery of curriculum, management of classwork and homework, examinations and grading ‘Andrew Teaches Coding’ gives primary schools across the country and beyond the ability to now create and run Computer Language as a time-tabled subject.

When asked about the thought process behind the labs research work, The Director, Research & Technology , Otaru Daudu explained, ‘ Code 4TEEN understood from day one that the true solution to technology literacy resides in empowerment of educational systems to drive the code education process without depending on 3rd party intervention. We also understand what this will require is a tested curriculum, a scalable means of delivery as well as a continuous plan for up-skilling all ICT teachers so they are capable of delivering the curriculum independently as they do with ICT or Math or English. For this reason we are building our company’s strengths around these three pillars. We also choose to focus on empowering schools as we believe children spend 70% of their childhood under the influence of ‘school’, hence positioning the school as the foremost catalyst in the technology literacy drive globally, with regards to the next generation.”

Code 4TEEN will on February 3rd, 2020 officially roll out Computer Language through timetabled slots in 4 schools across Lagos state namely, The Fountain School, Moral Ville Academy, Leaders Field International School and First Stones School however the company is in advanced talks with top executives and academic leaders at generational schools such as Pampers Private School and others on the possibility of integrating with their curriculum on or before September 2020.

When posed the question of affordability and Inclusivity, Otaru responded, ‘These are values we believe strongly in at Code 4TEEN. Each school we have on board has established Computer Language as a subject under an equal access pledge MOU which aims to crash the price of our software progressively until we arrive at a market price of about N5000 minus school administrative fees. Our goal is to sell our software for as cheap as a textbook, as that it what it really is. A textbook. We also believe access to computer language knowledge should not be a competitive advantage for schools as it currently is. Schools have always competed on their ability to execute curriculum, not the availability.

Through our work we believe we can restore this critical balance to the educational eco-system and drive real impact from the grass-root level.’

Otaru explained ‘ The company’s focus now is on advancing both our research and product for which we are reaching out to investors and impact donor providers to fund. As a next step post our initial feasibility study in the private sector, we will require 5,000 pupils in public and low-income segment to go through our curriculum process end-end.

 Through this we will achieve state level validation of our curriculum and gather the empirical evidence required to engage the necessary government bodies on the feasibility of a state wide integration. This evidence will as well provide a platform for regional distribution of our curriculum.’ Code 4TEEN is a subsidiary of Media Technology Group iNspire.