Social Media is the New TV says Steve Chuks

Steve Chuks

Internet sensation Steve Chuks popularly known for his skits on Instagram, says social media is the new TV. He posted a picture on his Instagram appreciating all social media content creators and comedians who make sure everyday that their audience are entertained. He said Social media is the new Tv, that as everyday, television stations come up with contents to air to their audience, so also social media content creators strive everyday to give their audience fresh contents. He added that the world is changing, people hardly have the time to watch tv but are always on their phones, that an average man might not afford to subscribe to cable tv but can afford to buy data and use the internet.

Steven Chuks is a Nigerian actor, Content creator, host, Comedian and vlogger. He is a native of Anambra State, Nigeria and an only son to a family of three.

He studied Theatre Arts in the university of Lagos, Steve began his vlogging career in 2013 when he opened a YouTube channel where he was only vlogging. In 2014, he started the Steve Chuks show and then the comedy skits.

He is renowned for making skit videos that are centered on women and how they react to different situations. In his skits, he plays a classy feminine character named “Cleopatra” and also as an elderly woman named “Madam gold” amongs Many other characters