Tosin Igho Reveals His Biggest Fear


Mary Nnah

Tosin Igho, is no doubt a Filmmaker, who tells stories which impact emotions.

Igho whose biggest fear is not having his work being seen, stressed that, what keeps him going is the people who see his woks, noted, “The people who see my work and give me the drive to keep going.

According to him, “My films can be used to pass messages of hope to people in need of this as well as to inspiring the generations to come as film is timeless.

“I would have thought being creative would be so hard, filmmaking is my main outlet of creativity. I admire aesthetic cinematography, complex plot and thought out character development. Writing scripts for films never to be made would never be as rewarding as seeing the finish products “, he said’

While expressing the hope that in the next five years Nollywood would have gone farther than Hollywood, he called on the upcoming communicators to be the best they can and the world will pay attention to them, adding, “Everything is working for good , although they’re some challenges which are normal.”

Igho has produced numerous films making round and these include “Seven”, “The Eve” and “Once Upon a time”.