Online Ticketing Platform, ‘Ticketboy’ Raises The Bar


Lagos, popularly known as the city that never sleeps is home to the most popular events in Nigeria. From fashion shows, concerts, movie shows and festivals, you can be rest assured that in West Africa’s megacity, the lights never go out. This is where ‘Ticket Boy’, an online ticketing platform, finds its place.

Ticketboy.NG is a fast-growing website community providing ticket access to some of your favourite events in Lagos and beyond. It is the one-stop ticket shop for party animals, hub for the latest happenings in your city and a promotion base for artistes.

It has devised a secure and efficient e-ticket system to enable seamless ticket vetting and admission to events. Ticket Boy answers the question that is most common on the lips of every millennial; “Where the party at”, and it remains the gift that never stops giving.

Since its launch, Ticketboy.NG has sold tickets to a variety of shows including the legendary Sade Adu karaoke night and Zlatan’s ‘zanku to the world concert’. With, you can never miss out on some of the go-to places in your area.